Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamaraAuthor, speaker, entrepreneur & mentor
Kevin McNamara has a mission and a vision to inspire 1 billion people in his lifetime and beyond.

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone and experienced excitement and inspiration? Kevin McNamara had the tragic experience of losing his daughter, Holly, to SIDS, has been married and divorced twice and healed prostate cancer through eating whole foods, fruits, vegetables, juice fasting, fresh air, sunshine and exercise.
He somehow pulled himself through all these cicumstances by continually jumping out of his comfort zone and pushing himself to where the magic happens.
Kevin McNamara devotes his life now to helping people just like you discover the freedom and inspiration that lies outside their comfort zones.

Through his Facebook group, coaching and mentoring and his inspiring programs he can help you to start living a life of purpose, inspiration and satisfaction.

Kevin McNamara is considered one of the most inspiring speakers on the planet. Take action now and join the Challenge group and watch your life change!

About Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s quite possible I used to be just like you! I was stuck in a rut, had no direction and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was stuck in my comfort zone

Living in a comfort zone is living an average life, usually hanging with negative people, usually friends and family, and not finding any excitement no matter what you do.

When is the last time you did something exciting, inspiring and even a little bit scary?

Kevin McNamara’s (52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge) group on Facebook is exactly what you need to jump from average to stepping outside your comfort zone and really experiencing life.

Have you ever made a selfie vlog and posted on Facebook? Have you ever juice fasted before? Have you ever given up sugar for a month? Have you ever interviewed someone live on camera before? Given a speech to a crowded room?

When we take action on our fears and negative emotions amazing things happen.

To start your journey join Kevin McNamara and our amazing tribe in our 52 Week get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge and be prepared to enter a new world.

Tomorrow never comes. There is only now. Do it…

The best way to start is to join our Facebook group 52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge to start learning how you can start living to your full potential. Join people from all around the world who are posting video’s of their weekly challenges.

Our motto is Push Grind Grow. When you push yourself and start doing the work (grinding) your growth will come. And as Dr Wayne W Dyer used to say – ‘If your not growing, your dying!

What is it that is holding you back from getting out of your comfort zone and leading a life that you love? Is it FEAR? CONSISTENCY? BAD HABITS? EXCUSES?

Whatever it may be it is frustrating and depressing.

Kevin offers a free 1 – on – 1 coaching call to discuss your biggest problem and offers advice and 3 action steps to move you forward.

After the initial 20 minute chat if you wish to continue Kevin will discuss the process with you. There is absolutely no obligation.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss coaching further contact us by clicking here

The Comfort Zone Pilot course is coming soon.

This will be a 7 week program with video presentations, live one on one’s with Kevin and group live calls.
If you have already subscribed to our newsletter you will receive information about it in the mail shortly.

If you are yet to subscribe and would also like my free ebook – 7 Comfort Zone Challenges to Double Your Confidence and Raise Your Self Esteem – just click here.

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