How To Make Your Money Work Harder and Smarter For You!

Watch the video below for an introduction into CashFX.

Do You Want to Wait 100 Years For Bank Interest To Pay You What CashFX Will Pay In A Month?

Welcome to my page and I want to start with a question for you.

Qustion. Would you rather wait 100 years for your bank to pay you $147 on your money sitting in a bank at 0.01% OR get paid $147 for one month of trading in CashFX on $1,000?

Ok, it’s a no brainer. So lets look at what CashFX is.

What Is CashFX?

CFX is a Family Legacy company dedicated to helping you reach financial freedom and leaving a financial legacy for your family.

Our number 1 goal here is to help others change their financial lives!
Our number 2 goal is to get to $100K pack as fast as we can so we change our lives!


How Do I Make Money?

With CashFX you can purchase any of our 15 trade packages and simply let our traders make money for you passively whilst you go about your life.

The second way to make money is through sharing the opportunity with others where you can earn commissions on each sign up.

In CashFX professionals trade for us within the worlds largest financial market called Forex or the Foreign Exchange market. The Forex market is made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and retail forex brokers and investors where participants can buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies.

The Forex market is the largest trading platform in the world. 5.3 TRILLION DOLLARS is traded DAILY!

These are the returns on each pack for November 2021

Let Me Explain That Further

So yes you can buy any one of the packs above and let your pack sit there passively and make money. Look in the graphic above and you can see what you would have made for the month of October, 2021. Crazy right!

You can also make extra money by sharing the business with others. There are a number of ways to make bonus money.

Let’s look at one example:

You buy a $1,000 pack. The person who got you into the business will receive a Fast Start Bonus of $150 plus a Uni Level bonus of $15. So he or she would make $165 just for bringing you into the business. If you started with a $10,000 pack they would receive $1500 plus $150. It’s a win win situation.

You would then start receiving daily returns on you pack. And as you can see from the graphic above if you purchased $1,000 pack you would have made $147 for the month.

Learn How To Create a Legacy For Your Family!


Watch the video below to learn how to set up a family legacy pack in CashFX

What I Am Earning?

I started in the business in June 2021. As I write this it is just on 6 months in. I started with a $300 pack then my partner, Joy, jumped in with a $1,000 pack.

As of today, December 1, 2021, we have 3 packs and they total $45,000! Let me just say we did add another $10,000 of our own money, however we now earn on our packs approximately $7,000 Aussie dollars clear a month!

You will never get that in the banks!

What People Think!

Joanne, New Zealand

Thanks Kev!! It’s not hard to see the investment opportunity here, it really is like no other and it feels more secure than anything else we’ve seen and we have been dealing in crypto now for some time, which is also great, but also volatile if you haven’t done your research. CashFX is truly incredible and we just believe in the opportunity to reap outstanding rewards! Why on earth would you keep your money in a bank when you have this vehicle????? Exciting times!! So blessed that you brought us in Kev!!!🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜

Trudy, Melbourne

I was raised with the ideology that the only way to get the things you want in life is to work, work and work harder ….. financial freedom was always a dream and without abit of luck, it was unachievable for Mr and Mrs Average. CFX has interrupted this age old thought and I am so excited to have this platform to realise my dreams and ‘break the cycle’. To show family and friends that their goals are achievable is the best feeling!! What a legacy to have and offer – absolutely amazing!!! 💚💚

How To Become Part of the Amazing Life Changing Platform That is CashFX!

Step 1. open your CashFX account with this link Click the link and then click ‘start here.’

Step 2. Make sure you have a gmail email address and a crypto wallet. If you don’t have a crypto wallet click here to open a Coinspot account

Step 3 follow this link to help you open your Coinspot account

Step 4 Follow this video to transfer your funds from Coinspot to CashFX to purchase your first trading pack!

Step 5 Contact me via the contact page to help you put it all together and to answer any questions! Or if you are in Australia call me on 0413 588057.

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, please only trade money you can afford to lose. No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity.

**Participation in the CFX Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success. Both hard work and following structure of the Rewards Plan are required for results.

***If you were sent here by another person please get back to them and sign up under their links!***

Who Is Kevin McNamara?…

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Published Author and Network Marketing disciple who has helped many men and women to start believing in themselves and their ability to take charge of their own financial freedom!

And now, I’m building this close-knit community of ambitious people who are sick of living in scarcity, and helping them become the best version of themselves with ease and passion.

I have always wanted to push myself a little more and explore my possibilities. That’s why I got into CashFX and have had the privilege of inspiring others to take charge of their financial futures without worrying about Governments and banks to do it for them!

And now, I’m helping you explore the true power and strength of your mind. You really can defeat scarcity and change your entire financial future and that of generations to come!

Working out on a holiday in Thailand.


The Due Diligence Video

You should all do your due Diligence on an investment. This video will help you!

So You Still Think It’s a Ponzi Scheme?

There are lot’s of video’s and articles on the internet that tell you lot’s of companies are scams. Even Amway who have been around for more than 50 years!

The motivation behind many of these video’s is someone who refused to put the time in and it didn’t work out for them so they want to blame someone else for their failure…or…

Someone who wants to bash another company, calling it a scam, so you will join their company.

In this video you will understand exactly why CashFX is here for the long term!