100 Days To Conquer Your Fears And Strengthen Your Mind!

What is The 100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge?

Hi, I am Kevin McNamara You select any challenge you want (Click here for a a list of 26 challenges at the bottom of the page to give you some ideas if you don’t have anything concrete yet) as long as it’s out of your comfort zone and will impact your mind, body and soul in a positive manner. 

It can be running, learning guitar, writing a book, reading inspiring self development books, working out everyday, cycling, swimming, learning a language, really anything that gets you out of your comfort zone for 100 Days!

Join us in the Private Facebook group where everyone is so supportive and encouraging and get stuck into your challenge daily!


  1. You must take on your challenge for 45 minutes daily for 100 Days!
  2. If you miss a day you start again!

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At the gym in Thailand

A Sample Of Some Of The Challenges People Inside The Group Are Taking On! What Will Your Challenge Be?

Just a taste of the many challenges you can select from!

Who Is Kevin McNamara?…

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Published Author and Prostate Cancer Survivor who has helped hundreds of men to start believing in themselves and their ability to heal themselves from Prostate Cancer. 

It’s been 8 years since I beat cancer through a predominantly plant-based diet, meditation, exercise, fasting, fresh air, sunshine, healthy relationships and cold showers. I was able to achieve this because of the dedication, commitment and belief in myself. And since then, I’ve been helping people like you to believe a little more in yourself and break that glass ceiling.

When my doctor diagnosed me with cancer, you know what my mind of steel said? “This cancer is a trespasser in my body and is leaving ASAP”. That was an order. As a former cop, that’s been my mindset throughout 30 years of my personal development journey. I have inspired hundreds of good human beings to take back control of their time, habits and lives. 

And now, I’m building this close-knit community of ambitious people inside The 100 Days to Self-Mastery Challenge to help you become the best version of you with ease and passion.

Despite the grit of beating cancer and having a strong mindset, I wanted to push myself a little more and explore my possibilities. That’s when I got into a 100-Day Challenge myself where I ran 8 kilometres (5 miles) every single day for 100 days even on cold and frosty winter mornings.

And now, I’m helping you explore the true power and strength of your mind.The video below is me running on a rainy winter morning during my challenge. No excuses. No defence. Just getting it done!