3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating?

3 ways to stop procrastinating. Why do you procrastinate and how do you stop procrastinating? Two great questions  I ask myself often! Why? Because I am my own worst enemy! In fact this is my 3rd attempt to finish this article! But I used to be a lot worse. 

I was one of the worlds best procrastinators! Seriously. If something had to be done I would put it off and put it off till it got to the urgent stage and then I would HAVE to do it and I would be totally stressed doing it. It would be rushed and untidy. And then I would hate myself! 

Sound familiar? 
3 ways to stop procrastinating

Ever Had to Give a Talk? 

I remember once I had to give a talk about a book I published back in 2009. Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye?
I had 4 weeks notice about the talk and kept promising myself I would sit down and prepare my speech tomorrow.
Tomorrow would come and I would promise myself I would do it the next day.
On the day of the talk I had still not prepared my speech! My procrastinating had got me into such a stressful state that I wanted to cancel the talk, but obviously I couldn’t. I put it together in about an hour and went and gave the talk. I needed 3 ways to stop procrastinating.
It was a very average talk and once it was over I hated myself. But I learned a big lesson. Preparation is king. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Practice, practice, practice! 
Another lesson I learned was that procrastination was killing me! I hated it. I knew I had to change what I was doing. What is the power of change? It’s huge!
So how did I do it? How did I stop procrastinating and how can you? 

Many years ago I was listening to one of my favourite Self Development guru’s Dr Wayne W Dyer. He gave this advice that I have never forgotten –

The Five Minute Rule

He said that if you keep putting something off, like cleaning the house or doing some guitar practice or going for a run, just commit to 5 minutes. Thats all you are going to do. So you start doing your thing and Dr  Dyer said once you start it you will keep going. When you go for a 5 minute run you are guaranteed to go for at least 20, 25 minutes. Start doing the house work for 5 minutes and you will end up doing it all. Pick up the guitar and play for 5 minutes and it will turn into 30!

Its the starting thats the hard part.

Here are my 3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating –

The 5 Minute Rule as above. Works for me every time!  Just start now and before you know it your in the groove. Stop Procrastinating!

Set Yourself Up to Win – Get everything you want done tomorrow, set up tonight. If you plan on running or going to the gym in the morning have you exercise gear beside your bed ready to put on straight away. If you want to practice guitar have your guitar out of the box along with any music sheets, pics, amps etc all beside your bed or in your office ready to go. This stuff works folks! Stop Procrastinating!

Get an Accountability Buddy – Without doubt the most reliable thing a procrastinator can do is get an accountability buddy. It just makes sense. Find someone you can call or who will call you every time you say you will do something. Have them call you at a time they know your task should be finished. Talk to each other every night. Tell them what you have planned including times you will be finished certain tasks. Then they are to ring you and make sure you do them. This really works. Go on. Find an accountability buddy right now! Stop procrastinating! Ok here are 3 ways to stop procrastinating. 

how to stop procrastinating

Your Action Steps

Commit to the 5 minute rule. So here are 3 ways to stop procrastinating. Write this as part of your daily affirmations “I (your name) commit to starting anything that I struggle to start for 5 minutes. I know if I do it for 5 minutes I will complete it.” Ok write that down now! Not tomorrow but now. It will take less than 5 minutes to write! Stop Procrastinating!

Write down your to do list for tomorrow. Get everything set up tonight, clothes, guitar, papers, have phone numbers ready, anything that will set you up to win. Do it NOW! Stop Procrastinating!

Find an Accountability buddy! Find a friend or peer who will make you accountable and will give you a blast if you are not pulling your weight. This could be a friend, a coach, a mentor or a consultant. Just find someone right now. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! Use these 3ways to stop procrastinating. And Stop Procrastinating!

Thanks for reading 3 ways to stop procrastinating. Please share this article with friends and family who may need a change in their lives. And please leave a comment below with your thoughts and what it is you want to change.


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  1. Thanks Kev, I am a terrible procrastinator and this is the second time this week I have heard about the 5 minute rule. I think this is something I can do and see if I can benefit.

  2. love it kevin……i have often stated that procrastination is a bit like masturbation…….while it may feel good in the beginning ultimately you’re simply fucking yourself…….keep up your good work bro <3 x

  3. This is so true, Kevin. I’ve been guilty of procrastination-in fact I’m procrastinating right now about whether I should study today or not.

    Will use the 5 minute rule to overcome this – great tip.

    Thanks for sharing your story – I enjoyed it.


  4. Great Advice Kevin! Its fantastic that you share your experiences and advice. I’m thinking about your last point when it comes to my cooking, i may have to find an accountability buddy or better still a coach to keep me on track.

  5. Very good advice for getting down to it and taking immediate and direct action! Loved to read about Dr. Dyer, may he rest in peace!

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