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Comfort zone challenge. What is a comfort zone challenge? A comfort zone challenge is action you take that makes you feel uncomfortable whilst doing it but gives you more confidence and self esteem as a result.

If you do it enough you start becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This is where the magic happens.

Why Do We Do Comfort Zone Challenges?

The above is my selfie video at the Cooly Rocks On event in Coolangatta.

Research shows us that 90% of the worlds population lives in the same place they were born in, has had the same job, has the same friends and goes on vacation to the same place year after year. And there is nothing wrong with that!

However if you want to live a life of adventure, excitement and inspiration you need to push yourself through your comfort zone, grind away at the actions and challenges you take on and watch as you grow and start experiencing major changes in your life. This is where the magic happens!

The Selfie Video in a Crowd Comfort Zone Challenge

The Selfie Video in a Crowd Comfort Zone Challenge is just that. Walking through a crowded area with your camera videoing yourself. This comfort zone challenge will help release your inhibitions, give you confidence to be out amongst a crowd, greatly raise your self esteem and get you over the feeling of worrying about what other people will think of you.

Worrying about what other people think of you is like living in a cage. 99% of the population procrastinate and hold themselves back from doing things they love because they worry what others will think of them. By releasing these chains you will open a whole new world of freedom and excitement!

comfort zone challenge

The video below will show you exactly what I mean. I recorded this during the recent Cooly Rocks On Festival in my home town of Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. An amazing festival of vintage cars, rock and roll and nostalgia. The street was packed with people and I just wandered up and down without a care or worry in the world. The feeling you get from doing this kind of challenge is amazing. Once you get through the fear of worrying what others think your adrenaline kicks in and you seriously get high on life!

My Challenge to You

Over the next week find a busy place full of people coming and going. Do a selfie video comfort zone challenge and upload your video to the 52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge page.

The first time I did this I was so scared I walked around a crowded market place twice. Once I plucked up the courage and did it I was on a high for 2 days. Now I am comfortable being uncomfortable with it. And that is the whole aim.

Thanks for reading the selfie comfort zone challenge. Please share this article with friends and family who may need a change in their lives. And please leave a comment below with your thoughts and what it is you want to change.


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comfort zone challenge


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