Comfort Zone Challenges | 7 Articles in 7 Days

Comfort zone challenges. I love them. Or at least I did till I thought of this one! 7 articles in 7 days. Thats a big ask! So anyway I was looking for a way to ramp up my blog. I had only recently got my website up and running and had written 2 blog posts over about 3 weeks. Not bad but definitely not good either. I needed to work out a routine where I could consistently write an article without procrastinating and without even thinking about it. Just sit down and write. But how?

I needed some traction and I wanted to get traffic to my website. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Hmmm… what to do. I enjoy writing but I am not consistent.

comfort zone challenges

Comfort Zone Challenges – Think of The Group

As I said I love comfort zone challenges. I started thinking about the 52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge group. I knew there were quite a few bloggers in the group. What could I do to include them and help them with their writing and blogging? Maybe we could all write a blog together or guest post on each others blog I thought. (and we will do that at some stage!)

Then it hit me. I record a video to give the group a weekly challenge every Sunday. Why not make the challenge a blog challenge?

7 Articles in 7 Days

Comfort zone challenges don’t come much tougher than this. 7 articles in 7 days! Now that is a tough challenge. Physically writing one article a day for 7 days is the challenge. I recorded the video and posted it and have had a great response. Writing one article a week is a challenge! Writing one a day for 7 days is about as tough a writing challenge as you can get. Many in the group have embraced it. I know at times I have really procrastinated over my writing (learn 3 quick tips to stop procrastinating here>>>) Having the group there to keep me accountable is a major plus and something I really love. I have no excuse. This really stops me from even thinking about not doing it.

This is my fourth article for the week. An article about articles. Kind of has a real ring to it haha!

Come and Join Us

This is like an evergreen article. If you are reading this in 6 months time or 2 years time you can still take on the challenge. Join the Comfort Zone Challenge group and post your articles in there. We would love to read it. And the important thing, it makes you accountable.

Reward Yourself at the End

comfort zone challengesOnce you have completed your challenge and have your 7 articles on your blog, make sure you reward yourself for your brilliant work. Comfort zone challenges need to be celebrated! Go out and celebrate with friends or your partner. Buy yourself something special or maybe go and take a 3 day cruise. But do something to make it all worthwhile.

And don’t stop there. This is a real launch pad for improving and increasing your writing output. Whether your goal is to get more traffic, make more sales, get more followers, change the world or if you just write because its your passion, by taking on the challenge you start your engines and get on the track. After 7 articles in 7 days your not just on the track but your right in the race. Keep going.

Thanks for reading Comfort Zone Challenges. Please share this article with friends and family who may need a change in their lives. And please leave a comment below with your thoughts and what it is you want to change.


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  1. Thanks for this article. I enjoyed reading it. I just started my site. I have posted 14 articles in the last 30 days. That’s is nothing. Your challenge really worth going for.

  2. Awesome work Kevin! What impresses me the most is your posts are well written and articulate- not an easy thing to do writing everyday but you make it look that way!

    I like the idea of guest posting on each other’s blog – great idea!

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