How Do I Change My Life? 7 Steps to Success

We just arrived home after 3 weeks over in Thailand. Talk about ‘how do I change my life?’ Wow! What an experience. We were there for two thirds of the time on business and one third pleasure. Although with our business it is portable so we can holiday and work. I don’t think there is a better lifestyle than that.

While we were there I videoed a lot of people and asked that exact question – How Do I Change My Life? And to be honest I have not watched one of those videos back yet.

The business side of our trip was so inspiring I wanted to sit down and just do a stream of consciousness article on the question ‘how do I change my life?’ I just feel full of gratitude and love and inspired to build the business massively over the next 12 months. So let’s not waste anytime on filler and lets get straight into – How Do I Change My Life? – 7 Steps to Success!

how do i change my life

How Do I Change My Life?

Lives get changed in an instant. We could die tomorrow. We could win the lottery tonight. Your wife or husband could be having an affair and you could find out in an hour. The external world is forever changing. Things we have no control over are happening all around us, all the time.

And that is the key word – control – we don’t have any real control over our lives. But there is one thing we do have a level of control over. The direction we want our life to head in.

how to live a successful life

Your Comfort Zone is Your Coffin

The great percentage of the worlds population live in a bubble. A life that is at the effect of their circumstances. Many are victims blaming external forces for their lot in life. They let the outside reality control their inside feelings and thoughts. The government, their friends and family, their teachers and the media that they listen to and watch everyday is what their lives are based around. They have been bought up to believe certain things and to live a certain way and they never leave that safe, controlled comfort zone to change their lives.

I have said many times, our comfort zone is our coffin. We stay in this box all our lives and then when we die we are placed in another box and buried.

What Are YOU Going to Do?

Ok. How do i change my life? So you can see what the majority do with their lives. Stuck in a comfort zone feeling very safe (but we know it’s not safe!) and never tasting the real adventure of life that only lies outside our comfort zone.

Will you be one of those people? Which is totally fine and dandy. Nothing wrong or right about staying in your comfort zone. You are asking the question how do I change my life? So don’t stop. Read on!

Don’t Die With Your Adventures Still In You!

Imagine being on your death bed at say 80 years of age and into your room walks opportunity, adventure, skills, your dreams, inspiration and ideas. And they look at you and say ‘Hey we showed up every day and wanted you to take us out and use us and we could have had a brilliant life together! But now… we are going to die along with you. And that sucks!

Don’t die with your adventures and dreams and ideas and opportunities inside you. Don’t waste your life. Ask – How do I change my life? Let’s get started…

how do i change my life
Are you willing to take the leap?

7 Steps to Success

1. Take Responsibility

Before you ask the question ‘how do I change my life’ you have to take stock of everything you have ever done and take full responsibility for how your life is up until this minute and for the rest of your life. Period. If you are not prepared to do this your life will never change.

Everything we do, everything we have or don’t have is a consequence of you and no one else. Everything. Once you accept that then you can start to see how you can change what your life currently is. No more blaming others. We have a great quote we live by in this business…

I am the absolute supreme authority over my own life. I am, always will be, and always have been at cause of how I experience my life.

Shane Krider
how do i change my life

2. Make a Decision

This is the easy part. Decide. Decide that as of this very moment you are changing direction and putting all your efforts into getting outside your comfort zone and changing who and what you are. And don’t be indecisive. Be clear on what it is you want. Many people know what they don’t want but don’t know what they do want.

Once a decision to change is made and you are 100% committed we then come to step 3…

how to live a successful life

3. Write It All Down

Ok so you are now taking responsibility. Fully. For everything. You have made a decision. You are now on your way to answering that question – how do I change my life?

The decision you have made now needs to be taken to the next step and that is to write down the vision you see in that decision. That decision that is clear and precise and makes sense to you. Have a brain dump on paper. What does your new life look like, what does if feel like, smell like and how does it make you feel. What do you see when you think of your vision. Write it out like a story.

Will you own a business, what are your health goals, who are you with, where do you live, what kind of home do you live in, what kind of car do you drive, what kind of friends do you have? Write it all down.

Keep making adjustments as you go till it really does resemble a story. Your story. Your dream. This writing down phase also includes writing out your goals or intentions. There are no rules for goals. Every guru has a different way of doing them. Find what works for you.

For me I set my goals no longer than 12 months ahead. I set weekly goals, monthly goals, 6 monthly and 1 year. Any further ahead for me and its stressful. Keep your life stress free. If you like setting 10 year goals then knock yourself out. As I say no rules here. Well…there is one rule – write it all down! When we put our thoughts to paper they become real and alive. That is really all you need to know.

how do i change my life

4. Don’t Listen to the GOOP! (The Good Opinion of Other People)

When you take responsibility and make a decision to change and start writing down your vision and goals people start to notice changes in you. Many of them wont like it. Especially when you tell them things like ‘I am going to start my own business” or “I am going to live in Bali for 12 months” or “I am going to Tibet to live in an Ashram for 4 months” The majority of people here on this planet don’t embrace change. They embrace their comfort zone.

People, and by people I mean mainly family and friends will offer their good opinions on your endeavours. And when I say good opinions I mean good opinions from their point of view but more often than not very negative opinions from your point of view.

When friends and family see one of their own going outside their comfort zone they do everything they can to drag them back in. Telling you all kinds of reasons that starting a business is a bad idea. 4 out of 5 fail. Moving to another country like Bali is dangerous. That new girl your seeing is trouble. Don’t go to an ashram you will come back as part of a cult – sound familiar?

People are happy staying where they are and they don’t want you changing because they are too scared to do what you are about to do so if you do it they look bad! Make sense?

If you have a dream and you believe with all your heart you can attain it and live it don’t let one single soul on the planet get in your way. Don’t listen to the good opinion of other people!

how to live a successful life

5. Find Your North Star

How do I change my life? How do I change my direction? You need a North Star. Your North Star is your reason why you want to do what you are doing. It’s that one thing that you cling to when life turns to shit. It’s your lighthouse in the storm. What is your meaning or purpose? That’s your North Star.

My North Star is to help as many people as I can, who become part of our business, succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I have always loved helping others become better versions of themselves and this business has given both Joy and myself the opportunity to take that vision of helping to the next level.

So what is your North Star? Spend sometime thinking about this and also spend time becoming aware of your feelings and emotions. The reason I say that is that when you think you know what your North Star is check in with how you fell. If you feel really amazing and inspired then you just found your North Star. If you don’t, keep searching. It is inside you. You just have to find it.

how do i change my life

6. Take Massive Action!

It’s all fine and dandy having a North Star and having your goals all nicely written out and be patting yourself on the back at having made a decision to not listen to naysayers. Thats great. But it means nothing if you don’t actually do anything!

And this is where most people fail the ‘how do I change my life’ test. They don’t do anything! They are led by the hand through the theory of ‘how do I change my life’ but when it comes time to let the rubber hit the road they fall away. They procrastinate. Which is a way of saying they fear failure so prefer to do nothing. Success wont find you if thats what you do. Nothing.

The way to success is to not just take action but to take massive action. Everyday. How bad do you want it? The average Joe (sorry anyone out there named Joe!) might start something with a little action but they generally take average action and end up with average results. Is that what you want?

Do It Now!

By now you know what you want to do so there is no excuse not to jump right in and start doing it. You want to start a business? Do the research and then start! (read more about our business here) You want to move overseas? Do the research big time. Become obsessed over it. If you want to change your life you have to change who you are. If that means doing things that most average people don’t do then you have to do them. No half measures.

The only way you will change is to take massive action. So don’t be sitting here in 12 months time and be in exactly the same spot you are in now. Take action today!

how do i change my life
Whatever you do – Take Massive Action!

7. Have Fun!

Step 7 is probably one of the most important steps. Yes you can have success if you implement the first 6 steps I mention. But your success will feel a little hollow if there is no fun involved and people you deal with have to put up with serious Sam all the time. (Apologies to all the fun and happy Sam’s out there!)

I would seriously go nuts if I couldn’t have any fun and make people laugh. I love it and I love people laughing at my expense. It’s fun! But then again I am not one of those overly sensitive PC people who we see way too often being offended by the smallest thing. But that’s a blog post for another day haha!

Have a laugh, smile often, make others laugh and smile and if you follow the other 6 steps then success can’t help but be part of your life.

how do i change my life
Fancy dress. Ya gotta Have FUN!


I am not a guru or anyone special. This is just my formula for success and satisfaction in life. When someone asks ‘how do I change my life’ this is what I tell them. It works for me. It may or may not work for you. I hope you can take something away with you after reading How Do I Change My Life. You may know someone in your family or a friend who would appreciate reading it. Please feel free to share it via email or on any social media platform. You will find those links on the side of the page.

I hope you enjoyed reading ‘How Do I Change My Life? 7 Steps to Success. Please leave feedback and any questions you have in the comments below.

If working in a business with like minded people in the personal development industry is something you would like to know more about just go to the home page or fill out the form which is on the top right side of this page. Thanks again and I will see you on the next blog post!


  1. Absolutely brilliant article Kev! Really inspiring, and is keeping me focused on my North Star – my reason why I do what I do…the reason why I am building my business day after day….

    Funny you mention Thailand – I am here right now, up north in Chiang Mai. Used to Live here for 5 years until a couple of years ago!.

  2. Great article Kev!

    7 steps to success. If you want to change your life then follow these steps and you will be well on your way. Get out of your comfort zone and be the best you can!


  3. Awesome post Thanks Kev Yo are so right we could die havng huges regrets about who we could have become and you are so right…dont listen to the GOOP..It takes courage to step out your comfort zone But I dont want my headstone to read “Miss” ??..she NEVER missed ANYTHING!!

    1. Thanks Kristin,

      Yes lets not have opportunity and success coming knocking at our door and die along with us! Lets do it all! Love your attitude. Don’t live with regrets, go out and live. Inspiring. Thanks for calling by 🙂


  4. Hi Kevmac,
    Brilliant article and quite insightful. The imagery works beautifully in breaking up the post. I look forward to following and seeing how successful you will become.
    All the very best,
    Feargal O Friel

  5. Truly inspirational post! After suffering a traumatic time in my life, I reevaluated things and I too am determined to change my life and step out of my comfort zone. I am all for Personal Development and Growth. I am now on my journey. I can really relate, as I am also bringing up my two young children on my own. They are my motivation to success! Congrats on achieving your dream. All the best, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am very inspired by your comments. Determination is a great trait to have. I admire those who have responsibilities and meet them head on. I really wish you all the very best.



  6. Hi Kevin, i’m inspired after reading your article. Totally agree that many people (including me, sometimes) confine or restrict themselves to their “comfort zone” and refuse to go out to change something in their lives. Some people spend their lives without challenging anything new, that is really pitiful. The steps you mentioned in your post is quite encouraging and easy to follow. I’m glad i had a read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for your comment. Appreciated. Yes its a good wake up call for all of us. Our comfort zone doesn’t give us the magic and adventure of life. When people ask how do I change my life the short answer is to jump out of your comfort zone.



  7. Hey Kevin,

    This article is a good reminder for me, as at times we give up too soon. I completely agree with your seven steps. According to me first and sixth step are the most crucial and further if i may add one more point to your list – I would say “Be Patient” especially today when people are looking for instant success.

    Thanks again for sharing. These truly are the core principles of leading a meaningful life.

    1. Hi Satish,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree, patience is essential. Yes people are always wanting instant gratification these days. Responsibility and massive action are my 2 most important to. Never give up.



  8. This post has golden nuggets to follow step by step to a new exciting life for sure!
    We live amongst 30 year old corpses, just living to look better than the neighbours next door, and only getting buried at 80, living the CC live as you say… [Comforting Coffins]
    Never experience or try to achieve any of their goals to enjoy their dreams.
    This is a wake up call!
    I am blamed as a risk taker all my life and not very popular by the CC people, but I believe my break-through is nor too far in the distance, and I am going to make it big according to my dreams!
    Thank you for a very inspiring article!
    I enjoyed rearing very word of it
    Keep it coming!
    Bush Lady

    1. Hi Stella,

      Thanks so much for a really inspiring comment. Yes too many people living in their coffins already. To live this life you have to get up, get out and make it happen. You have a wonderful attitude and I have no doubt success is following you as we speak. Keep pushing and ignore the naysayers, success will come,


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