How to Build a Successful Business Online in 12 Months – To $50K a Month – Part 1

When Joy and I first thought about documenting something like how to build a successful business online in 12 months to $50,000 a month we didn’t think of the reactions we would get from family and friends who would see our posts plastered all over social media and my website. It was a bit of a shock. Some said nothing. Some wanted to know what drugs we were on and some were genuinely interested.

When you put yourself out there and make a statement about how to build a successful business online in 12 months and be earning $50,000 a month within that year you become very vulnerable but you also become very accountable. Joy and I have a massive self belief in the business we have just become a part of and are 110 per cent committed to make it work.

But that doesn’t stop the doubts showing up every time my leads start to dry up. Or when we are 6 weeks into the business with no sales as yet. The doubts are real but the belief in the systems and the support we have is stronger and more powerful than those doubts. So this is our story of how to build a successful  business online in one year. Part 1. Will we be making $50,000 a month within 12 months? Joy and I believe we will with every fibre of our being. For the rest of you, well, watch this space and keep checking out our posts.

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how to build a successful business online
Any business will have its ups and downs


Joy and I met in 2008. We met online through one of the first online dating sites RSVP. I wont bore you with the story but we both had the same spiritual outlook and we both knew that one day we would have our own business in personal development and wealth creation. We just thought it would be a lot sooner than June 18th, 2018! (and we had never even thought about how to build a successful business online!)

That was the day we bought into the business. We meditate, we read personal development books, watch all the inspiring movies and videos on Youtube, live a very enlightened life (whatever that means these days!) and eat pretty much a plant based diet (although not always!)

We have tried different businesses over our journey. Joy is a hypnotherapist and had a thriving business on the Gold Coast when we first moved to Queensland. Then my job in Immigration took us up to Cairns in Far North Queensland for nearly 3 years. Joy got into the health care industry then and has been ever since.

Check out the video above for Part One of our business Journey

Working to Make Someone Else Rich

So we were both working to make someone else rich. Although we didn’t hate our jobs we both knew there had to be something better out there. Whilst working in immigration I started a side hustle online doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you sell someone else’s product online and receive a commission on each sale.

I love it and still do it today as there is no stock needed and the shipping and packing is done by the company that owns the products. It provides a nice passive income. What helped me get started in affiliate marketing is a group called Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend anyone interested in making money online to check Wealthy Affiliate out. Their support and training is second to none. You will learn how to build a website (they provide you with the sites and all support) and have training on every facet of affiliate marketing and in fact on all types of marketing.

Starting our business – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

But getting back to starting our business – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Joy came across an ad on Facebook that really pricked her interest. The ad mentioned it was in the Personal development and wealth creation industry and the photo’s in the ad were of a lady around about our ages talking about finding a business that fitted around your lifestyle. Joy filled out the form on the ad and was going to call the lady but was hesitating. She showed me the ad and I made the decision on the spot to call her there and then. I was waiting for the hard sell. It never came.

She was a lovely lady named Marilyn and just asked us both a couple of questions after which she said she would send over a business presentation. We watched the presentation and I was hooked! Joy not so much.

Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

The reason for Joy’s doubts were that we had previously bought into a Multi Level Marketing business where asking friends and family to join the business and buy the products was all part of the deal. That business ended up not suiting us. It takes a certain type of person to go to meetings once a week, bring a guest along each week to try the products and keep finding more friends and family to sell to. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it just wasn’t the type of people we are. Plus we didn’t love the products as much as I think you need to to really be inspired in the business.

And we had a lot of people tell us it was a pyramid scheme haha! It wasn’t but some people like to believe what they hear as its too hard to do the research. And and by the way a pyramid scheme has no products. You just pay someone a lot of money and hope others then pay you a lot of money. Below is a cool video that explains perfectly what a pyramid scheme is. And its very funny to watch! CREDIT: Pat Petrini.

Jumping Right In

This business was a whole different kettle of fish. No selling to family and friends, no cold calling and no weekly meetings to invite family and friends to. And the possibility of earning a really good income seemed a real possibility.

After talking to Marilyn again and asking lots of questions we were both in. She allayed any fears we had of the business and we were both excited to get started. But the lingering thought of how to build a successful business online did keep coming into my mind. But hey, there is training for that right?

6 Weeks In

So it’s been 6 weeks now and the learning curve has been massive. I am however loving it. Placing ads on Facebook to get leads, posting lots of quotes and videos on social media and watching lots of personal development videos through the business is all stuff I love doing. We need to make 2 qualifying sales to get started and we are now getting some traction.

how to build a successful business online
Every business needs some traction to start climbing the mountain.

The Down Days

Anyone who tells you that having a business is all fun and games is a liar. Yes we have had some great fun times in this short time but we have also had a number of down days where I say to myself “What the hell am I doing!” I do get down for a few hours but then I think to myself about how much I love the products we sell and use and how I love the support and the people and I start feeling better. And what I do to really make me feel inspired is the following routine –

  1. I watch a Casey Neistat video. 
  2. I go for a run. Anywhere between 2 and 10 kilometres.
  3. I get back home and meditate.

Casey is a really inspiring guy and was the original Vlogger on Youtube. He has many copycats now. He has some great videos and I highly recommend you check some out. With 10 million subscribers he is doing something right.

Running and meditating are things I have been doing for many, many years and really keep me energised and inspired.

One other thing that gets me back up is just focusing on one thing instead of trying to do 10 things at once and not doing any of them properly. Here is another blog post about focusing on the one thing.

How to Build a Successful Business Online

I don’t yet know how to build a successful business online. How to build a successful business online was a question we asked ourselves over and over again and we came up with the following.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone, grind away at the work and the business will grow along with your knowledge and experience. I am learning something new everyday. I am watching inspiring videos, training videos, reading books and manuals and listening to others in the business. As I mentioned above there are days you doubt yourself. But it’s how you handle those days that matter. For me it all comes down to the question of ‘Do you love what you do and do you love the products you sell?’ And for both myself and Joy it is a resounding yes!

In 12 months will I be able to tell you how to build a successful business online? One that is making $50,000 a month? Well. That is my goal. I am committed, determined and don’t plan on ever giving up. I love what I do and love the products we sell and use everyday. I’m backing myself in. What do you think?

If you are looking for a business and lifestyle change contact us through the contact form on the right of this page and we can tell you more details.

Thanks for reading part 1 of How to build a successful business online. Check back soon to read part 2 where we make our very first qualifying sale!

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or any questions you may have. Share our website with any friends or family you think would benefit from our teachings.


  1. This is so nice! I’ve received a new perspective with this post.

    I have to recognize that I already have a big goal for my business. I started a month ago and I seriously love my niche. I’m working hard and although I don’t know how I’ll make it work I believe that I’ll do it!

    I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve learned. I’m taking massive action and seeing small but consistent results. I would like to share with you a conversation because I feel we are aligned with our thoughts and ideas so if you agree you can email me.

    My business is dedicated to help people building their passions in life. I learned that we don’t find what we love, we find it out in the process of doing our best. I know you’ll enjoy my content.

    All the best!

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for your comments. The Knowledge Business Blueprint really does put education in perspective. It is an amazing course. I will contact you for sure. Look forward to chatting,



  2. Hi Kev,
    I love how you are so open and honest in your post! It’s not easy building any business, but as long as you are doing something you love it wont be a burden either!
    Totally get where you are coming from, earning money for someone else, when dreaming of your own personal fulfillment is frustrating! So it’s great both you and Joy have taken that leap of faith, set your eyes on the prize with your $50,000 a month target in 12 months!! I’m so looking forward to watching your journey and can’t wait to see how the adventure unfolds!! I am sure with your passion, determination and drive you will get there!!
    Keep up the great work and love the positivity!!

    P.S. My husband and I met online too, fancy that!! Back before Tinder was the rage (thank goodness!) we met on EHarmony!! (Wonder if they do affiliate marketing?!) 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thanks so much. Appreciate your words of encouragement. We all need encouragement but we all need to make ourselves accountable sometimes too. Putting your intentions out there is scary but its what we had to do. Time to deliver and make it happen. Yes online dating was so much easier back then haha!Thanks again for your support. Much appreciated!


  3. It’s not easy to earn $50k in a month. You can use the story mode to say that you can earn $50k a month, which will make people rekindle the desire to make money online, because through this post they will know that they want to earn passive income on the Internet will be a dream. I am also proud of your good idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Tee,

      Thanks for that. Yes that is our hope to inspire others to believe they can do the same. How to build a successful business online to 50K a month will not be easy but we all well and truly dedicated to make it work. Keep following our journey to see where it leads. Cheers my friend,


  4. I am inspired by the raw determination of this post and I can smell something positive on the way. I will be glad to follow and know how the dream eventually come true. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Ofem,

      Appreciate your encouragement and support. Certainly not easy building a successful business online but we are certainly determined to make this home business work. Success is in the air for sure. Thanks so much, Kev

  5. I l e your determination, I can even feel it in your words. I honestly believe success for you guys is just around the corner, considering how hard you are going at it. I look forward to seeing you guys hit 50k in a year, I am rooting for you.

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