How to Find a North Star to Live By

We all suffer in this lifetime and we all need meaning or purpose to navigate through the maze. This article is about how to find a north star that you can live by. A guiding principle that will be like a lighthouse for you in troubled times.

What is a North Star?

Before you learn how to find a North Star you really need to know what a North Star is. Let’s start with what it is NOT! A North Star is not a destination. It’s not something you strive for. It is not an accomplishment. It’s not a goal nor a dream or a feeling.

Successful entrepreneurs know what drives them to take risks and to experience the life and results they create. They know what makes the journey worth all the risk.

A North Star is your guiding principle. It is something you aim to stay in line with everyday. It is what you live for and it is what makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Your North Star is what you abide by for your goals, accomplishments and destinations you choose.

But what all North Stars have in common is they have a leaning towards helping others. As many others have said your results in life are a direct result of how much service you happily give to others. And this is true with your North Star.

how to find a north star

How to Find a North Star

A big part of our business is reading or watching some kind of personal development article, course, video or report or anything at all for that matter. Things that have the power to make us better leaders and people. Having a North Star is a major part of our business course. A North Star can take many forms. To find your own North Star consider some of the following – Service to Others. Being a Risk taker. Living a life free of regrets. Helping those children or adults in need. Being the best version possible of yourself. Living in harmony with the environment. Starting a Foundation. 

These are just some ideas. The list really is endless. What do you love doing? Write it down. Now expand on that. Think of something you can work on every single day that is going to help you and mankind in some way. Don’t think small. Think big! The bigger the better. Remember this is not a destination. It’s a guiding principle that is enshrined in your goals, plans and actions.

So what is your North Star?

how to find a north star

Will You Create Your Next Year of Life?

Over the next 365 days you will create a life. In fact there is no way you cannot create a life. You have no choice. You create a life or someone else will create it for you. So the question is – will you create and design your life OR will this next year be created by default through you old patterns of the past, your limiting beliefs?

Will you allow alcohol, drugs, social media, Netflix, bad relationships, bad company or the government to decide your fate?

We all have choices. The next 12 months is your decision. What will it be? Your North Star will be invaluable. But as well as a North Start it is also advisable to have a compass. A compass in your mind. A compass is like a radar. It knows through our vibration which direction we need to head in.

Create your own life!

3 Things We Need to Make Our Compass and North Star Work!

So we have asked the question about how to find a north star however before we install our North Star and compass we need 3 more things to really be on track and to help get our compass primed.

  1. Goals

We need goals written down to make them real. Preferably at least one goal for each of the following topics – Relationships, Finances, business/career, spiritual, health and fitness. Learn how to set goals like millionaires do here>>>

                  2. Plans

You need a plan of attack. Written plans as to how to tackle each goal.

                 3. Action

If you don’t take action nothing will be accomplished. Action gives life to our dreams and goals.

Now we are cooking with gas! We have worked out how to find a North Star, set our goals, plans and actions. Our North Star is alive! Let’s look at an example of how it all pulls together.

Making Our North Star Work for Us

How to find a north star. Ok so I found mine. My North Star is to inspire other people. My goals are all congruent with my North Star. For example I have goals to run every morning, go to the gym at least 4 times a week. Eat healthy. Do some form of Personal development every day. Work on my business and attract new team members every month.

All of those goals and plans help me move along the direction of my North Star which is to inspire people. I need to be fit and healthy and mentally on the ball. So all my goals align with my Star.

When I wake up I check my compass heading – how do I feel, have I meditated, am I ready for my run. My compass addresses all those topics and if it notices I am feeling lethargic it points to laying in bed for another 30 minutes. We control our compass. Our compass follows our feelings. That is why meditation is so important.

So we have our North Star, Goals, Plans and Action. Then our compass zooms in and assess our feelings and points us in the direction of our emotions and feelings. Be on top of your emotions. Don’t let them control you.

how to find a north star


How to find a north star. Decide on your North Star. Make your goals, plans and action align with the direction of your north star and make a deliberate intention that every day you will rise and follow that star. Don’t let feelings and emotions take you off course.

Keep pushing, grinding and growing. Never give up and find people who are on your wave length who are heading away from the herd like you.

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  1. Thanks Kevin, for this great article. What a wonderful time for me to read this…at the beginning of a new year.

    You’ve given me a lot to think about. I will often let emotions and feelings hold me back. I believe my North Star to be my heavenly Father, and that guides all my actions towards others. My online business is all about helping others start their own businesses as well, so they can succeed.

    Thanks again for the inspiration,

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for a great comment. Yes our North Star can really propel us forward and give us real direction. I love that you are helping others start their own businesses. keep up the great work!


  2. Thank you so much for this article really found me at a time where I needed to read it. I run a small business and have just had a lot of things going wrong lately and have realized it has been my poor leadership.
    The whole North Star thing is not something I had really heard of but has really hit home with me and has me thinking of what my principle are and what I will live by going forward.

    1. Hi brandon,

      Thanks for your comments. The North Star can really straighten you out. Give you real direction and meaning. Glad it helped you out. Stick with it, its pretty powerful 🙂


  3. A great, timely article. The new year is a great time to start over and find the right way or our right way of living. I especially like the fact that you are not vague here. So many people talk about the importance of setting goals and finding direction, but so few people actually talk about HOW to do that. It’s nice to see someone who not only works to inspire people but who shows them the way as well.

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Thanks so much for that. The North Star is a great way to see that direction in your mind and get the vibration working as to what you want and where you want to go. The how is important with goal setting for sure. Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hi Kev. Thanks for an enjoyable and motivational read. A guiding principle is so important to us in our lives. The alternative is just to flounder around with no set direction and accept what life throws at us. It just makes much more sense to create our own life the way we desire it to be! Why settle for anything less than what we want to achieve?
    I for one, like you guys, know what I want and because I have goals in place, I know I will achieve it. Our North Star keeps us on track and gives our lives meaning and purpose.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Always good to hear from you. Yes I know so many people who have no direction, no purpose and no reason for even existing sad as that sounds. The sad thing is we can encourage them to change but only they can pull the trigger. People like us can only keep putting our stories out there and try and connect with these people and get them on board to opening their minds to the possibilities in this world. How to find a north star will hopefully attract a lot of people who are out there searching.

      Thanks for your support my friend,


  5. Thank you for the inspirational article Kevin,

    As we enter into the festive period, its a very apt time of the year to sit down and set a list of goals and targets for the year ahead. My goals for the next 12 months will definitely be to make more time for my family and become more financially self sufficient. Hopefully looking for my North Star will assist me in my goals. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comments. Certainly with the New Year upon us it is a very good time to take stock, write out your goals and learn how to find a north star to live by. Becoming financially self sufficient is a great goal. Mine too. Keep up the great work,


  6. What a great post and so timely!

    I was getting super tired of not knowing how to set goals properly. I have now read several books on the subject and tried out several ways of doing things and I think I have found what I need now.

    And your post confirms that I am on the right track!

    I am so excited and hopeful for where my 2019 will go and how many things I will check off my list as successes.

    You are right. Having a North Star as your guide is by far the best goal setting advice anyone can give to another. Thank you for this post and all the best in 2019!!

    1. Hi Irma,

      Thanks for your comments and glad this post has helped you. Having a north star to live by is a life changer for me. It keeps me focused and on track for my goals. Have a brilliant and successful 2019,


  7. Loved your post, been reading a lot about finding my way but I never saw a mention of the North Star. It simplifies the entire concept. I am an interior designer and my main goal now is to leave my 9-5 job and work from home, whether in my field or marketing. It is a tough time when you are in a time and state where you don’t know where to start and how to do it. Thank you for simplifying it in steps. I will use this information, hope it will help me.

    Thank you…

  8. This is a well put together article and it has really inspired me. I have made my lists and plan to follow them through I have discovered what my North Star is and I plan to use it to make a positive impact on as many people as I can and make 2019 a better year for me and those around me than 2018. Thank you for this article and may God continue to bless this website that it may continue to bless others.

  9. Hi Kevin, great article here. You are so right about everything here and the importance of knowing the mission. Because the mission is the “why” in life and it guides every other action that we take. It is the domino effect of everything that happens. Thanks for this.

    1. Hi Evan,

      yes indeed. When we have a ‘why’ the ‘how’ tends to take care of itself. Having that north star to guide us is a really great way to live. With purpose and meaning we can achieve anything.

      Cheers man,


  10. I really like your article. The idea of finding out your North Star and basing your goals on it is definitely necessary in business. You’ll know if the goals you’re setting are meaningful if they are guided by your principles. This reminds me of the concept of values in Acceptance and Commitment Training.

    Have a great day!

  11. Thank you for sharing such a detailed and insightful article. Before now i never had any idea on North Star but i do now and all thanks goes to you. Thanks once again and keep more of this coming.

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