How to Live a Successful Life – 7 Steps to Greatness

How to live a successful life – 7 steps to greatness. We all have a need and a want to know how to live a successful life. We chase it like a dog chases a bone. Some of us even know what it is we want to be successful at! (yes, sarcastic tone) But what is the key to success? If we all have the need to live a successful life then why stop at success? Why not go all out and make it a great life too?


How to Live a Successful Life – 7 Steps To Greatness, is my attempt to piece together what I think are the ingredients and building blocks for both success and greatness. It is also the working title of the latest book I am writing along with an online personal development course. To check out my first book click – Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye?

how to live a successful life

Becoming Someone Else

One is not great simply by working out how to live a successful life in their chosen field, but greatness comes from using that success to power you forward into the world where you can effect change on a global level. To have that kind of effect you need to change the person you currently are living as. You need to learn how to become somebody else!

You need to become the person who attracts success and greatness. I have read countless books and watched hundreds of video’s and online article’s on the lives of successful people. I have worked out what I believe to be the 7 really important steps, principles, keys – call them what you like – that if put to good use daily, can bring success and greatness.

Anyone can apply these steps in their lives right now. Anyone that is, who is keen to live their best life, wants to move forward and is determined to make their life a success and become great at what they do.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You!

On the road to how to live a successful life, this story always scares me! Imagine being on your deathbed and there is a knock at the door. You ask whoever it is to come in. In walks Opportunity, Success, Greatness, Skills, Adventure, Inspiration and Courage. They stand at the end of your bed. Opportunity says to you “We were all there waiting for you. Year after year we showed up wanting you to take advantage of us, to work with us. We had high hopes for you. Now we are just going to die along with you.”

Don’t Live With Regrets

Can you imagine the regrets you would have if that happened to you? Can you imagine being stuck in your comfort zone your whole life? But you know most people will read this and still carry on with their life and not change. But you! I know you are different. I know you want to change. You want to stop living a lie, living someone else’s life, living a life you don’t like, being around people who drain you. You know deep inside you its time for change. You know it’s time. No more ‘waiting till tomorrow’ you know tomorrow never comes. It’s now time! Yes you. You reading this article. It’s now time!

Don’t die with your music still in you is not some cheesy quote. It’s a plea to stop living life in quiet desperation as the quote above by Henry David Thoreau alludes to. It is one of the keys to success. Which leads to step one in the 7 steps to greatness –

Step 1 – Accept You are Suffering

The Buddha taught about suffering and the end of suffering. We are all suffering in some form or another. Be it mental, physical or emotional. Rich or poor. We all suffer. I know some people think they are not suffering, think they are fine and life is all chocolates and marshmallows. They are deceiving themselves. Think about your life. Try and measure the amount of suffering you have had. Just mere thinking causes us to suffer.

Comparing ourselves to others, worrying about how we look, wanting to be the best player in the team, getting annoyed with a partner, family member or friend can cause massive suffering.

how to live a successful life

The Key to Suffering

The majority of people in this world deceive themselves. They can’t handle the thought that they are suffering. They block out the suffering by wearing a mask. They pretend they are this person that inhabits their body day and night. When you are trying to figure out how to live a successful life your mask is a big road block.

This person who laughs when out with friends and puts up a brave face when deep inside they know they are crying. When they get home they put on the TV or play some music or jump onto social media. They can’t stand being alone and in silence with themselves.

Being Alone in Silence Reveals the Real You

Being alone and in silence means they have to confront themselves. Have to sit with themselves. The real them. The one without the mask. The one who is suffering in silence. The one who doesn’t want to face the truth.

A majority of the population don’t like themselves. A smaller majority despise themselves. Again, sitting alone in silence is not an option for them. They are suffering but prefer to wear a mask that hides the said suffering. So what does one do? You are trying to figure out how to live a successful life but all you feel is suffering.

The key is to accept that we all suffer. You are suffering. It may be in a small way or it may be your whole life is one long suffering moment that never ends. When we accept that as truth rather than trying to hide under a mask we can then work on lessening the suffering.

how to live a successful life
Never play the victim if you want success!

There are Two Choices with Suffering

Once you accept that you are suffering you will find a sense of relief. You find a weight lifted. But that is not the end of your suffering. You will find yourself in one of 2 places. 1. You accept that you are suffering but decide to blame others for your own suffering. Or 2. You look for a meaning and purpose in your life. In essence you become a victim and blame others or a seeker, someone who wants to learn and grow from their suffering.

So step one in how to live a successful life is accepting the present moment with all it’s suffering.

That brings us to step 2-

Step 2 – Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

One of the most important of the 7 steps to greatness. The question of how to live a successful life should start with your meaning and purpose. Imagine a ship out in the ocean without a map and a log of where it is heading. No compass, no lighthouse, no radar. It just travels along the ocean in whichever direction the tide and the winds take it. No destination and no direction.

That is how many people live their lives. They have no direction, no purpose, no meaning. And they wonder why their life sucks! And on top of that they are suffering. What do they do? They become a victim. They blame others. Here is a short list of people and things to blame if you are a victim.

Hello. I am a victim. I blame –

  1. The weather.
  2. The government
  3. My partner
  4. My husband
  5. My wife
  6. My parents
  7. My siblings
  8. The dog
  9. My teachers
  10. My boss
  11. My ex wife/partner
  12. My friends
  13. The full moon
  14. The year
  15. God

I am sure this is a very relatable list and we have all thrown blame at something on this list at sometime in our lives. So I think we can get a grasp of the victim’s life. Suffering and blame. Which leads to more suffering and blame. Not a nice place to be. Do you want to be a victim or do you want to learn how to live a successful life?

how to live a successful life
When we have meaning we have direction

Moving From a Victim to a Seeker

Many people are happy in their victimhood. They can make people feel sorry for them. That is where they have their power. But it’s not a strong healthy power. It is a negative power. It is a disease. A never ending cycle leading to that deathbed with our friends at the door knocking. Not a place you want to end up.

So what is the alternative? Do you really want to know how to live a successful life? Do you really want to change? Then make a decision! Make a deliberate choice to find true meaning in your life. We all get to a stage where the suffering becomes too much and we ask the question what is the meaning of life for me? Why am I here? This contemplation often comes after a major life event.

A death. A near death experience. A relationship breakup or losing a job among other experiences. They force us to reassess our lives and work out our priorities. But sometimes it’s just the life we lead where we are beaten down by our environment so much that we end up asking is this all there is? That is what seekers do. Victims keep blaming.

Where Do You Find Your Meaning?

So now you are asking questions. Good. That is part of the journey of learning how to live a successful life. It is time to really spend some time in contemplation. Meditation is really handy about now. I found the best way to find my meaning and purpose was to look at what I love doing. What would I do even if I wasn’t getting paid? What brings me the most joy? Where am I most comfortable? What comes easy for me? And the most important question you need to ask yourself is what do I love doing that also excites me? Sparks that sense of adventure.

Spend some time thinking all these questions through and then write down what best fits with you. It must be something that is congruent with your beliefs and values. It must align with what you see as truth in your world. It must be bigger than you are and it must in some way be helping others or a cause.

how to live a successful life

Work Out Your ‘WHY’ and You Generally Find Your Meaning

Another great tool to use to find your meaning is to work out your why.

Your why is the reason you get up in the morning. It’s what keeps you inspired and working on your projects from dawn till dusk and later. Your why is a part of your meaning. My why is my partner and kids and grandkids. I want the best for them and I see it as my duty to succeed in all facets of my life to be an example and an inspiration to them. They are what fuels me. What is your why?

Once you have your why your meaning is not too far away. When your meaning and why align you become a powerful force in the universe and the world.

I believe many of the issues facing young people, both male and female, are caused by a lack of direction in their lives. They have no meaning. No purpose. When young people have a meaning and are living on purpose they achieve great things. If you know someone who needs direction please share this article with them! It may well be one of the keys to success for them.

how to live a successful life
What is your ‘why’?

Step 3 – Your North Star

7 steps to greatness has a north star. Now you have your meaning and your why it’s time to work on your North Star. A North Star is your guiding principle. It is something you aim to stay in line with everyday. It is what you live for and it is what makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Your North Star is what you abide by for your goals, accomplishments and destinations you choose. Yes it is very similar to your meaning and your why. Where it differs is that it is like a lighthouse. It keeps you on track. It is really a shortened version of your meaning and purpose.

Let me give you an example as far as my life is concerned to make it clearer for you.-

  • My ‘why’ = my family, partner, kids and grandkids.
  • My meaning/purpose = To help others become the best version of themselves. I do this by telling my own inspiring, against the odds story, to prove that anything is possible.
  • My North Star = To inspire as many people as possible to change their lives.

So my North Star is my shining light that I wake up to every day. It is the lighthouse that keeps me on the journey of my purpose. It keeps me focused on my purpose. I take it with me everyday. It gives me clarity and I align with it everyday.

how to live a successful life
North Star’s help with meaning and direction

Step 4 – Goal Setting

Goal setting is something that can be different for everyone. I wrote recently about The Smart Goal Setting Exercise Used by Millionaires  So I will refer back to that as it really is a great way to set your goals.

The number one reason people don’t achieve their goals I believe is that their goals don’t excite them. If your goal doesn’t excite you how are you ever going to be inspired to work towards it? Simple answer is you’re not!

Goals Need to Be Exciting!

Goals need to be exciting! They need to have the power to get you out of your comfort zone and they need to make you grow as a person. I wont spend too much time on goal setting. The key here is to just write them down. Make them exciting and work towards them everyday. To really set goals like a millionaire I do encourage you to read The Smart Goal Setting Exercise Used by Millionaires

You then need a plan so you know where you are and what you are doing. Then comes the part that most people ignore. Taking action! No action, no completed goals, no change in your life. You will be where you are now in 5 years time. Do it Now!

how to live a successful life
Make sure your goals are exciting!

Step 5 – Exercise and Diet

When I first wanted to know how to live a successful life I knew exercise was going to be a major part of it. A lot of people these days talk down the importance of exercise. Seems the latest craze is to eat well and not exercise. For me that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dr Wayne Dyer always used to say if your not moving and growing you are dying. Exercise is vital for your health. There are literally thousands of scientific studies that prove exercise is great for your health and well being. So I am not going to spend too long on the topic. Just do it. Look on Youtube or join a local sports club. I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Just do it! But I will spend a bit of time on diet.

Your Diet

Any kind of exercise is great for your body. So if you are someone who is overweight and unfit you have no one to blame but yourself. I am not someone who panders to peoples feelings. I am not politically correct in many ways. If you are obese then do something about it. If your kids are obese then help them do something about it.

how to live a successful life
Exercise is non negotiable to greatness

The Buck Stops With You!

I admit social media, TV, advertising and the big multi nationals don’t do anything to help someone lose weight. McDonald’s, KFC, Nestle`, Uncle Toby’s etc are all guilty of looking at the bottom line dollar rather than at the health of the world’s population. But the truth is parents is where the buck stops. Parents these days are lazy and many fall into the victim mentality we spoke of in step number one. Blame others.

It’s all too hard. KFC is easier and quicker. Fast food. Fast way to disease food. Fast way to death food. No thanks. Now before I get bombarded with hate mail let me say a little bit of this rubbish in moderation is fine. Say once a month at the most. But many families have it almost daily and they wonder why they are obese. How to live a successful life does not contain anything to do with junk food!

how to live a successful life

Eat as Much Fruit and Veggies as You Like!

My lesson here is to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible rather than junk. It would be great if we were all plant based but I know that wont happen. Look at your diet. Write down everything you eat for a week. Then go through your list and strike a line through what is good and what is bad. Your life is at stake here!

Try and eat less meat and dairy as again, numerous scientific data points to disease from eating too much of either. The proof is there. Don’t look at data put together by the dairy or beef industry. Funnily enough they encourage eating lots of meat and dairy. Funny that.

You are what you eat. Eat good healthy food and you will feel better and live longer. It just makes sense. I don’t count calories. Feel free to do so. I just know if I eat good healthy food and exercise I will be fine. And who has time to count calories? Not me. As I said if you do then knock yourself out. I just don’t find it necessary.

So exercise and eat well. Really simple formula.

how to live a successful life
Eat healthy. Preferably organic food.

Step 6 – Meditation – Meditate Twice a Day

Meditation was what saved me from myself in my dark years after losing my daughter, Holly, to SIDS, going through 2 divorces and having no direction or meaning in my life. Meditation was what motivated and inspired me. It helped me find a real meaning in my life and gave me the clarity to write my first book, Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye, Birth, Death and Inspiration: A Man’s Journey.

Meditation is a tool to help you gain clarity, release stress and help you become more aware of the present moment. We all are living in the present moment but most of us are not aware. We continually spend our time either living in the past or living in the future. Neither of which helps us in the present moment. The only time to look at the past is to learn from it. Not to live there repeating all the mistakes we keep focusing on.

how to live a successful life
Meditation is another non negotiable to greatness

A simple way to meditate is to sit in silence with no phones or devices around you, by yourself and just focus on your breath. When we focus on our breath we slow down our thoughts. It is hard to focus on your breath and think of something else at the same time. Then after a minute start to imagine you are breathing in peace. Then as you breathe out imagine you are breathing out any negative energy, tension or anxiety. Let it dissolve as you breathe out.

Meditation Will Change Your Life

This is a great beginners meditation. To experience a guided meditation with music check out Beginners Breath Meditation.

The best times to meditate are early morning and last thing at night. Make this a part of your routine and your life will change. Guaranteed! But do it consistently. Make it a lifestyle change. Do it for the rest of your life. You will live a very fulfilled and peaceful life. Meditation is a non negotiable when learning how to live a successful life.

Step 7 – Gratitude

I like to think of gratitude as the gateway to abundance. Being grateful ensures that your vibration is in alignment with the universes vibration. Many of the steps here, in fact all of them, when not used leave us open to the danger of becoming a victim.

I picture victims blaming God for the rain. Blaming God for their miserable life. I choose to see the blessing in every adversity. When I walk or run in nature I am constantly thanking the universe for the beauty I see. The one things victims don’t understand, or choose not to understand, is that the more we are grateful the more of the beauty of life is given to us. Gratitude is another non negotiable when learning how to live a successful life.

What 3 Things Are You Grateful For Today?

When I hit the pillow at night the first thing I do is meditate then once that is finished I am almost asleep. Before I nod off I think of 3 things for that past day that I am grateful for. I say thank you and go to sleep. I can’t imagine going to sleep after a hard day where my mind is all over the shop and I am constantly thinking about tomorrow. Meditation and gratitude before sleep is the best way to sleep soundly and wake up feeling relaxed.

Make an effort to look around you when you have quiet time and give thanks for all that you have. Think of 3 things to be grateful for each and every day. Like meditation your life will change dramatically!

how to live a successful life
Gratitude is the gateway to abundance

How to Live a Successful Life

So there you have it. How to live a successful life – 7 Steps to Greatness. You can have a great life over the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and forever if you follow these 7 steps to greatness. The key is action. If you just read this article but don’t do anything you will be like the 90% of people who attend seminars, read books and articles, watch videos but never take action on what they learn.

Your time is now. As we approach another new year will you take the leap and decide to make next 12 months your most successful and continue on that way through life? Or will you think it is all too hard and stay being the way you are and look back in 12 months and be in the same place? As I mention often in this article, the choice is yours!

Life is An Adventure Or Nothing at All!

If I could ad one more step it would be adventure! Make your life a massive adventure. As Helen Keller said. Life is an adventure or it’s nothing at all. I aim to make everyday an adventure. There is so much out in the world to experience. Give it your best shot. Never give up and go out and change the world for the better!

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  1. Hello Kevin – This was a super and powerful article. It’s so true that may of us play the blame game in our lives (love the list of who to blame). But the truth of the matter is, its really our own self to blame. Like you said we need to accept it and move on and do something about it. I think this is where most people stop. They don’t move on and do something about it.

    This is first time I have ever heard of The North Star. Thank you for adding the examples, that really helped to clarify the difference between The North Star and my meaning/purpose.

    Meditation is definitely my top steps to helping me in my life. And I love how you said, this is non negotiable. I can tell you one thing, its much easier to get through a challenging day IF you have meditated and prepared your mind and spirit. Meditation is part of my daily more routine. At night, I spend time in gratitude and appreciation and visualization.

    Thanks so much for these great points. Looking forward to learning more from you. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much LT,

      I agree with all you say and really happy you know how to live a successful life in 7 steps! The North Star is what guides me. Meditation gives me that clarity of purpose. Definitely non negotiable haha!

      Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you again,


  2. Great post Kev

    If people live by this set of rules they can’t help but be successful.
    I love the North Star and meditation. Sharing and I hope the whole world gets to read this article.

    Thanks so much for all you do,


    1. Thanks Joy!

      Yes I think the 7 steps to greatness are a great set of rules for life. Meditation is a must and the north star is a brilliant guide and meaning.

      Hopefully as many as possible get to read it Joy. Thanks again,


  3. Hi Kevin,

    Wow. What a great article. Anyone who actually takes action and follows the 7 steps you’ve laid out here is sure to greatly improve their lives in a relatively short period of time. I have used many of these to improve my own life so I know that they work. I love how these take every area of someone’s life into account. Improving in every area of your life will surely transform it. I particularly agree with Step 3 about the North Star. I have found that having a strong “why”, can drag you much farther than you thought you could ever go. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the comments. Appreciated. Yes the North Star is something I really take advantage of. Its a great tool for me to keep me focused and on purpose. So many young people out there who have no direction could do with a north star. In fact I know a lot of older people too. Yes a strong why is key. Know your why and you can’t really fail. Have a great 2019 my friend 🙂


  4. Hi Kevin

    Thank you for a very well written article on the steps to live a successful life. Up my street. The kind of thing I personally like to write and engage with my readers. It is so important to educate, share and inspire other people to really take a closer look at their lives and see how they can overcome their limited beliefs and achieve greatness. Whatever obstacles and challenges we face in life, whether we are the direct cause of it or is from other people, at the end of the day we are ultimately responsible for our own actions, thought processes and the outcome we get from it. Your article reminded me of the late legendary Jim Rohn when mentioned in one of his talks before he found success, he used to blame everyone for the failure in his life including the government until when he met his mentor, he was able to change his mindset and see a different perspective. Your article has enumerated a number of key steps that if people were to follow them, they will ensure success and happiness in their lives. My favorite is being grateful and giving back to humanity. Often we forget to be grateful for the many small mercies we have in our lives. For breathing, walking, being able to swallow, having shelter, family, warmth, hot water. I reflect on this when I walk on the streets of London and I find so many people being homeless. These people once lived in lovely homes, had people who loved them, earned a wage. Whatever the circumstances in their lives that got them to where they are. That could have been me, my family or anyone else. It makes you more humble and appreciative of what you have and in my case more determined to want to succeed in life and business so that I can make a much bigger impact quickly. This is also relating to the WHY question you mentioned when you find your true purpose and have clarity of what is it exactly you should be or do in order to achieve greatness and fulfill your true potential. As entrepreneurs and business owners, I strongly feel it is our duty to inspire and empower other people to pursue entrepreneurship because by so doing, so much good can come out of it especially if you are driven to create sustainable wealth in order to serve and help other people. It all boils down to having a correct mindset in all aspects of life. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. We just have to pursue our dreams, goals, and vision and stick it through until we achieve the success we desire. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for the new year. May we all succeed in all our endeavors.

    1. Hi Rabia,

      Thanks for such a thoughtful post! Appreciated. Yes being grateful is such a powerful tool. When we are grateful a whole new world opens up for us. We start to see change happening on the positive side. And yes as you say when you see the homeless it just makes you more appreciative of your own life. Yes lets keep pushing forward and learning how to have a successful life in whatever endeavour we choose. Life is good. Lets help others. All the very best in 2019 to you,


  5. Hi Kev,

    Thank you for a great article.

    Every single time I read powerful stuff like this, it never fails that I think: “If only a lot more people would turn the TV off, open a book (preferably about some sort of personal development), do some yoga, put away the mobile phone, talk to, and get to know, their kids, partner, neighbours, and everyone else they meet.

    If only… but I guess that is too much to ask.

    Good luck with everything in 2019. I know it will be a great year!


    1. Thanks for your comments Lars,

      Yes it would be nice to have a magic wand and spread the word to everyone on the planet! So many people lack meaning and direction and I would like to think its my job to help them find it. Personal development should be in all schools for sure. All the very best to you my friend in 2019. It will indeed be a great year!


  6. This is an amazing way to start 2019!
    I loved your article and I think everyone should do the same.
    I think that the most important is to spend time only with yourself, in order to discover who you really are, to be grateful for that person and love yourself.
    One can start with sport, which is an amazing way to feel better everyday!

    1. Hi Stefania,

      Thanks so much. Yes I hope many people can read this article and use it throughout their lives. I think it can teach people how to live a successful life and also a great life. Spending time on your own is majorly important to connect with yourself. Meditation does that for me. have a brilliant 2019,


  7. Hi Kev, what a great article. Recently a lot of these points have been jumbled in my head, but I just havent had a chance to put them down on paper yet! And now you have this fantastic article that tells me what I need to do to live a successful life! Your 7 steps greatness are set out exactly the way I needed them, particularly the goal setting and diet and exercise resonates with me. These are particular areas where I need to focus my attention this year, and I am aiming to do this by staying focused on what I want to achieve, I have also recently taken up meditation and am finding it such a good way to start my days and keep me involved in the present and just being and enjoying my children, which I have to admit I was a little exhausted by towards the end of last year! But after having reset my mental state and reading this great article I really feel I am on a great path to live a successful life! Thanks so much for sharing and laying it out as I needed. Its just reaffirmed what I had been thinking all along! Cant wait to get my hands on your book too!! Cheers, Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your great comments. really appreciated. Yes I think a lot of people have this jumbled mind at the end of one year and the start of a new one. Not knowing where to start. I am glad this post helped you out. I think we all want to know how to live a successful life and having some meaning and direction to start with definitely helps for sure. Glad you have taken up the meditation! You will find it really keeps you grounded and gives you clarity. Make it a lifestyle change and your life will change.

      Thanks again and have a brilliant 2019!


  8. This is a great article! Not only does it give really clear steps, but it gives manageable ones as well.

    The first 3 steps of planning are, to me, crucial to success. The success of a person and of the process of change. Knowing you are unhappy with your present situation is so important, yes, but the daunting task of knowing where to go from that situation is too much for so many folks.

    I’m definitely glad I found this. I think it is timely and relevant as so many people are evaluating their lives and situations at this time of year.

  9. This is excellent. I agree that knowing your why is huge. That is what keeps the fire lit and keeps you hustling towards your dream. Good post, and happy 2019.

  10. I really enjoyed your article. It was very inspiring, especially with the new year just around the corner.
    7 Steps to Greatness! Wow, I agree with everything you said.
    One of the most helpful things I have learned recently is that life does bring suffering, we are way better off accepting it and not fighting it. When I am feeling down/negative, I tell myself that it will pass.
    I’ve been using meditation in my life for the past few years. I find it very helpful to stay grounded and mindful. I need to add an evening session, just prior to going to sleep. I think that would be of great benefit.
    Make life an adventure, step out of the comfort zone! Yes! So true! For much of my life, I have lived in the comfort zone. A few years ago, I decided to “step out of my comfort zone” and start living an exciting more adventurous life. Try new things, learn more, live life!
    Thanks for sharing 7 Steps to Greatness, it was very motivational!
    Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed your article and look forward to upcoming posts!
    Take good care,

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks so much for your comments on how to live a successful life. We do all suffer and I think that is one thing we can all learn from. Accepting it and moving forward with some meaning and direction can change it all and make the suffering more bearable for sure. Thanks again and I wish you all the best for 2019 🙂


  11. The part of this content I’m most fascinated about is the ‘ Becoming someone Else’. I’ve read some articles about it.
    Sometimes, I exhibit some version of myself which I really feel good about. The problem is, it doesn’t last. I even try most of the time to make it my habit to continue in that path, but it just won’t work. Why?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your comments. Appreciated. Yes becoming someone else is so important. When you look back on the past year you realise all the things you didn’t achieve and the person you were in the past year is not going to be the person to help you achieve your goals this year either. So you need to change. Write down who you want to become. Then visualise yourself as this person every night and morning. Really see yourself as this person. Then during your days act like this person. If you drop back to the old you, and you will, don’t get angry just acknowledge that you have slipped back and then move forward to the new you again. Work on it till it becomes who you are. May take a week, may take a month may take 2 years but never give up! Live who you want to be every day. You will succeed. Hope this helps,


  12. Very inspiring. Love the North star beacon at the centre of your success. Follow that star, it leads to your goals.
    Thank you Kevin!
    Bush Lady.

    1. Thanks Stella,

      Yes the North Star is a great tool. Its like a lighthouse. It is one of my keys in how to live a successful life. Good luck with your hopes and dreams for 2019.


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