How to Separate Yourself from The Pack!

# 250 – How to Separate Yourself from The Pack! 100 Days To Self Mastery

Most people fear becoming invisible to others.

Do you know why?

They try and look like everyone else and be like everyone else and then wonder why they are invisible.

Most people work extremely hard just to fit in…

And can’t figure out why they can NEVER get ahead & stand out.

People copy others who are cool and then wonder why they are not getting the same attention.

Stop trying to be like everybody else.

how to separate yourself from the pack

The real you is a unique individual. Someone who the world is waiting to hear from.

Meditate to go deep inside and work out who the real you is!

Look into what’s unique about YOU.

What’s YOUR style of doing things that sets you apart from others? Don’t think you are the same as others, you are not. You are you and you really are special and unique.

When you set about being you in your own unique way success will follow.

Remember to be consistent, disciplined and take massive action on yourself! The best investment you can make is on yourself. never forget that. Stop pretending, stop being this fake person. It’s not who you are. The world is waiting for your true heart and soul. Not the person you think you are.

How to separate yourself from the pack? Just be you! Separate yourself from the pack. And shine! You got this!

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how to separate yourself from the pack

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how to separate yourself from the pack


  1. I absolutely agree with this. I think that one of the most important things one can do in life is to break away from the pack and find him/herself, find out who you are and what you really want instead of doing what has been stipulated since a young age. Everyone always wants to fit in and in the process they seem to lose themselves or forget who they are and what they want.
    Basically, just be yourself. It’s the best anyone can do for him or herself.

  2. Brilliant post!

    I believe most people want to copy others because they like the way they move, speak, laugh, etc…

    But the fact is that the way I am or you are, is just as cool and interesting with the only difference and that single thing is that uniqueness which is simply amazing!

    Thank you for reminding me that with this short post!

    Keep up this great motivational work.


  3. I know that we broke away from the pack and made our own pack and this is way more strong, rather than trying to be someone you not. We are unique and different and stand out from others and this is what we want we would not ever want to follow others. We’re the leaders, there are two types of people in this world leaders, and followers.
    The question we should be asking is are you a leader or a follower to make your own pack and lead your own being original.
    Don’t get discouraged when the waves come in stay strong and focused.


  4. Absolutely, agree with you 100%!

    I bookmarked your post. It might not be a long post, but the message that you shared is so profound.

    Many times we underwrite ourselves. We play small. And then we get the ‘leftovers’ It’s all about putting ourselves out there and trusting ourselves.

    And I think that many times, we afraid that we might fail, but I still think rather honor ourselves.

    As you said, there is only ONE left yourself SHINE!

    Keep the motivation coming.

  5. Hi
    Reading this and listening to the short video really made me stop and think. As the days, weeks and months clock past I am coming ever closer to one of life’s big transitions – retirement. I should clarify that by saying retirement from my regular full-time salaried day job. I am approaching it with mixed feelings. I have seen many others stumble at this juncture sometimes with less than desirable outcomes.
    Reading your piece reminded me of another significant transition after I graduated full-time study and embarked on a career. That was the way most of us thought back then, so that was me following the pack. I started work in a steady job for a large corporation and my life could easily have been laid out in front of me. Mortgage, marriage, children, annual vacations in sunny places, and general predictability. Maybe if I kept my nose down a promotion or two every five years or so.
    But I knew that formula was not for me. I took a piece of paper and wrote out some big goals in most of life’s areas. A few years later I stumbled on that paper and realized that I had achieved most of what I had set out to do, though most of my friends at the time would have laughed at me had they seen my goals. These included learning other languages, moving to another job in another country, learning to drive, and get a car. Simple stuff but also some spiritual goals which seemed impossible at the time but nevertheless I had also achieved. One thing on the list that I did not achieve was to buy the property that I was living in. It is not ironic to note that had I achieved that particular goal, it would have made it more difficult for me to achieve many of the others.
    I am now at a similar junction and I need to allow myself the space to do that deep thinking again.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment. Appreciated. You have achieved some great goals in your life. Many more than most people I suspect. I love that you are again thinking of where you will head to next. I am in that boat too as far as moving home. Will it be overseas? At the moment probably no due to crazt covid. Maybe looking at moving interstate for a time. Keep moving forward and I wish you all the best,


  6. hi there. Great article. I couldn’t agree more! Everyone is unique and needs to be confident enough and they will have their own pack that follows them. I believe discipline and action are the biggest take aways in this article. Great read!
    Thanks so much.

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