Leaving Your Job | The Biggest Challenge of All

Leaving your job. It really is the biggest challenge of all. Do you run your own business or are you employed by someone else? I have been employed by someone else for my entire working life. Sure I have dabbled in MLM and online marketing on and off for the past 10 years but by and large I have been a slave to the company. Helping make someone else rich.

Until this year. In fact until about 2 weeks ago. I have wanted my own business since I was around 25 years of age. I am more than double that age now. Talk about a procrastinator!

leaving your job

Leaving Your Job

I started working on Get Out of Your Comfort Zone  late in 2015. I knew 2016 would be the year I finally took the plunge and although the thought of leaving my job, a safe, secure job, frightened me, the thought of sitting back on my death bed and having opportunity, skills, ideas and other things I hadn’t followed through on coming to visit me and telling me they were about to die along with me scared me even more! Leaving your job is never easy.

Sometimes fate helps you make your decision. When you make a decision the universe opens up and opportunities suddenly appear. My mum had been diagnosed with cancer late 2015 and the doctors said it was inoperable. Not the best news to hear especially for an 87 year old. I decided it was time to move closer to her and spend some quality time around her in what is probably her last year.

Leaving Your Job With a Bad Boss

To cut a long story short the company I was working for refused to give me 3 months leave without pay to move down to Coolangatta to be closer to her and care for her. Go figure. You learn that sometimes a companies bottom line is more important than its employees welfare. And yes everyone I have spoken to can’t believe they would do that either! The important thing is to learn from these experiences. My biggest lesson? Always put people before profit. Most businesses don’t.

But as I said sometimes fate intervenes and actually helps you. I had used the last of my 5 weeks annual leave and had nothing left. And I definitely wasn’t going back! It was time to jump. So I jumped. Off the really high cliff . 2 weeks ago I quit my safe secure job.

Its funny but the time leading up to that decision was stressful and frightening. Procrastination was huge! Leaving your job ahhh! Scared the hell out of me. The fear of the unknown. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of going broke and the fear of being a complete failure in the eyes of family and friends. All those fears were attacking me at different times.

leaving your job

How to Handle Leaving Your Job

How did I handle that? I kept moving forward. What is the power of change? I kept planning things for my business, that wasn’t even really a business yet, it was just my passion and hobby and something I lived for everyday. Helping people move out of their comfort zone and finding their true purpose and magic in life. Helping people to stop procrastinating like I used to and helping them face their fears and doing it anyway.

Its still not really a business yet but its what I love and I know it will be very soon. So anyway as soon as I resigned it was like this huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Leaving your job is not easy. A light went on and it was all revealed to me. I had been relying on and had become comfortable with having a wage go into my account every fortnight for helping someone else get rich. Once that was taken away I realised that this is how life should be. For me at least. I am responsible for my life. I am responsible for what I give to others and I am responsible for what they pay me.

Embracing the Fear

So I didn’t lose my fear. I didn’t lose the worry. I didn’t lose any of those things, the fear of failure the fear of success. What I did was I actually embraced them! This is living outside your comfort zone. I was uncomfortable and that is what was inspiring me. I even stopped procrastinating! Leaving your job is tough and scary and all those things but sometimes you just have to move out of your comfort zone and become a different person.

leaving your job

I still don’t know if my business will be a success but the more important thing is I know I am not going to die wondering! It really is my passion. It is what I love. I am going full steam ahead. Over many years of learning one thing sticks in my mind. If you find the thing you really, really love doing and you can make a business out of it and it serves others more than it serves you, you will never work a day in your life and you will be well rewarded. This is my life! At least 2 weeks in it is. I will revisit this post in 6 months time.

Thanks for reading Leaving Your Job. Please share this article with friends and family who may need a change in their lives. And please leave a comment below with your thoughts and what it is you want to change.


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  1. I really appreciate this post, and am experiencing the same fears and anxieties. My coping mechanism is to simply write more content. One of my biggest fears is being viewed as a fraud, but then I read what I’ve written & realize I actually sound halfway intellige,t. I’ve also started some pro bono coaching with a couple of friends who need to make some big life changes. I end up grinning from ear to ear when our sessions are over. Confidence comes from the act of doing. This post is a great reminder to those of us taking the plunge, that we are not alone. Thanks for that!

  2. I know that feeling of a great weight lifted from my shoulders after resigning. I resigned from my full-time job of 3 years and jumped into a hole of nothing. I had decided to become a relief school teacher which was quite a change from my job in hospital catering management. The day I resigned I walked around at work literally shaking in my boots, my resignation letter tucked in my pocket, waiting for the perfect moment to hand it to my domineering boss. It was 3.30 in the afternoon before I gathered the strength to walk into her office and hand it to her. The look of surprise on her face is something I will never forget. Did she really think I would be there forever? As I walked from her office, into the corridor, and down the hallway to my office, a great weight shifted from my shoulders. I felt like I had wings on my ankles. Five minutes after sitting back at my desk, a colleague came in to see me. I told her what I had done and her face fell, she was so upset that I was going and leaving her alone in this “hell hole” as she put it. The following week that colleague submitted her resignation, with both of us leaving on the same day. She told me that she had been thinking about it for a while but needed the push to do it. That push was my resignation. As it turned out, my foray into school teaching was simply a stepping stone into my own business, a step I took a year later. That was 14 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I hope, for you Kevin, that this is the step you need to take to move onto something that will become your greatest happiness. Good Luck!

  3. This resonates with me Kevin because I recently changed career.

    I had fears, doubts and uncertainty but I just went for it – helping people, especially young people is my calling she even though finances are tight now I haven’t been happier and have a sense of fulfillment everyday.

    My blog is gaining momentum everyday as well so taking that leap of faith and stepping out of my comfort zone has already paid dividends.

    Thanks for sharing.

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