The Knowledge Business Blueprint Review – The Evolution of Education!

The school system of education and knowledge as we know it hasn’t changed in 100 years. So the time is certainly right for a massive disrupter to appear. Enter Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson and their Knowledge Business Blueprint. In a $355 million dollar a day (yes you read that right!) industry that is predicted to go skyrocket to $1 Billion dollars a day by 2025 this truly is a game changing program

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Course –

Course name – Knowledge Business Blueprint

Creators – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunsen

Cost – $1997 includes Mind Mint software licence free for 6 months then $528 a year

Suitable for – Entrepreneurs who have or would like to have their own Masterminds, Workshops, Groups or any kind of Retreat.

Check out the free webinar with Tony, Dean and Russell here – KBB Free Webinar

My Rating – 9/10  Excellent!

What is The Knowledge Business Blueprint?

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is an exciting new business course that the creators, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunsen claim will be the evolution of education. It is a turnkey course that sets you up for success by taking you by the hand, step by step through the knowledge tools and resources you need to start your own mastermind group, workshop or retreat. This for people who want to get paid for what they already know and make a massive impact on the world.

Non professionals with loads of knowledge teaching what they have experienced and know to others keen to learn. If you have always had the desire to teach others the skills and expertise you have and make an impact on the world then the Knowledge Business Blueprint may just be for you. If you want to get paid for what you know then again the Knowledge Business Blueprint may be for you!

The Creators

This is the success strategy that the top professionals in the industry, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunsen have put together to have a massive impact on the knowledge industry. An evolution of education. An industry that is currently producing $355 million dollars a day! It is expected in 2025 it will be a 1 Billion Dollar a day industry. Huge numbers. It not only offers the basic agenda for a mastermind group, like others, but also offers success strategies that you can use to achieve massive results. Lets dissect it now –

knowledge business blueprint
  • It was created by top professionals in the industry – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. They partnered up to create a program that would rock the foundations of the knowledge industry with their combined nearly 75 years of experience.
  • It not only educates you it takes you by the hand step by step. You will see from the Knowledge Business Blueprint review below that there are specific guidelines as well as really unique strategies that they have introduced that are proven in the industry. These guidelines and strategies will assist you no end.
  • The MindMint Software. This is the real game changer. It is a software system designed to help you even more. It sets up your agenda, payments and anything else you can think of to get your mastermind set up and operating. This software will help you set up and make sure you stay on track and reach your goals. (please note this software comes free for the first 6 months the $528 per 6 month block) check out the free webinar now!
  • Knowledge Business Blueprint is designed to leverage your mastermind or group for greater success. The tools, tactics and approaches you see with the Knowledge Business Blueprint review show that it accelerates your potential. I was amazed and on a total high using this program. The buzz around the whole launch has been amazing!
  • Knowledge Business Blueprint gives you the best “short cuts” to success. The most powerful part of a mastermind workshop or retreat is the advice and tools you give to the participants. This program offers the best tools I have seen in any similar program. They truly are short cuts to success!
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The Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

One of the best things about the Knowledge Business Blueprint is that when you use this program you are getting information and tools from the absolute best in the field of personal development and masterminds. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson run their own mastermind groups. Tony has clients that pay $250,000 a year to join. Dean’s clients pay $100,000. These guys know their stuff!

There is a section in Module 1 that has a list of tools that will set you apart from any other mastermind or workshop. From a whole new way to set goals to the 7 levels deep tool. truly inspiring tools that will take your workshops and masterminds to the next level.

knowledge business blueprint2

The Knowledge Business Blueprint takes you by the hand and gives you gives step by step guidelines that help you to identify what you need, what action to take and how to implement it in your mastermind/workshop.

knowledge business blueprint2

You can see by the lessons shown above the depth of content that is used in the program. There are 4 Modules in the program consisting of a minimum of 6 lessons as well as bonus videos from Dean and Tony. Each lesson includes a video, action steps, pdf of the tools you need, the straight audio session as well as a transcript of the lesson. They don’t leave anything out!

knowledge business blueprint2

The Free Webinar with Tony and Dean is Back On!

If you missed the original live webinar with Tony and Dean please don’t miss this one! Click here for the webinar now>>>


One of the best things I have found with the Knowledge Business Blueprint was the action steps they offer in each lesson. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson have the mindset of Make a decision, set a goal and then take MASSIVE action! I think the same way. That is the only way to get massive results.

Check out the free webinar now!

The MindMint software that comes free for 12 months with the course gives you a variety of programs that can help you to build your group and stay ahead of the pack. It is state of the art software. This is software that goes way beyond the basic and lets you set your agenda for the meeting offers formulas that work.

tony robbins

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is not just four modules of lessons. You are given the keys to success! The blueprint of not just how to set up and run a mastermind or workshop but how to make great money from doing so.

What that includes includes is the best secrets of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. It offers the lessons they have learned which in turn helps you cut out the years of learning you would normally need for this kind of project. It shows you what they have done to achieve the massive success they have but more than that you will learn how they set up their own masterminds and what they do to market their events.


You wont find many courses on how to run a mastermind or a workshop and certainly none that teach you how to make big money and also have a massive impact on the world. When you look at the Knowledge Business Blueprint you can see the quite dramatic difference in their approach to education.

This is a major moment in history. We had Uber disrupt the taxi industry, Airbnb the hotel industry and now the Knowledge Business Blueprint is about to disrupt the education sector. Big time! An evolution of education.

tony robbins

My Thoughts on the Knowledge Business Blueprint

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is changing my life as we speak. The ideas buzzing around in my head are ideas even I didn’t know I was capable of having! After healing myself from prostate cancer I plan on setting up a mens health workshop to help men with their diets and show them how to heal disease and injuries through the food they eat and meditation, exercise etc.


I have now set up my Heal Your Prostate Mastermind and have 5 paying customers so far. Check it out get out of their comfort zone. This would be followed by the group walking the Camino in Spain. The ideas are endless. What could a course like this do for you?

I can honestly say this is by far the most positive and complete course I have ever done. It is changing my life and I am sure it will change yours if this is something that is a passion of yours.

If this is a program that would interest you you can get further details here.

As you can see I am a massive fan of this course. If you have any questions about the course please enter them in the comments below and i will answer them as soon as possible. If you have a friend who would benefit form this course please share this review with them.

Once you start the course let me know and we can support each other. here is to your success.

Get the Knowledge Business Blueprint before the Mind Mint software is no longer free! Get yours here now!


  1. This definitely looks really good. And your update that the program works is truly a powerful proof and testimony.

    I can see this as a very worthwhile investment, and business to do. But I have already maxed out my budget for the year. May I find out if this offer is still available some time middle of next year? I will be doing my next year budget around that time, and would love to allocate dollars to get into this then.

  2. Great post. It is crazy how many people stay in their comfort zone instead of trying new things to create a better life. These three guys are some of the best in the business and are extremely successful. The best people to follow as examples are the ones who have done it!

  3. I really enjoyed this, makes you think, I look forward to discussing this with my husband. Time to get out of the 9-5 job and start living the life we desire.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article. This is the kind of evolution in modern education we need. The knowledge business blueprint is really worth checking out. Am definitely sharing this with others!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. This really is a great program. I am learning so much through it. It is changing my life. Masterminds and workshops are now what I do 🙂


  5. Man this review made me want to get up my site and get the program already.
    I have always been following Tony robbins and now he has taken things to another level and this one is very unique and I am thinking it will take over the world soon enough.
    Thanx again for the great review

    1. haha its a great program Thabo!
      The Knowledge Business Blueprint is the best and most practical course I have ever done. Life changing to say the least. If it resonates with you I highly recommend you get into it. It will change your life. Thanks again for stopping by,


  6. Hi Kev,

    This is a great review of the Knowlege Business Blueprint. I’ve heard of Tony Robbins before, but this Blueprint is totally new to me. Your enthusiastic review is making me think of getting it. I may and I may not, I just appreciate learning about the opportunity.


    1. Hi Dawn,

      Thanks so much for your comments on the Knowledge Business Blueprint. Thanks and yes it is an amazing course. I am learning so much but also implementing what I learn which is important. The new education model for sure,


  7. Fantastic article, Kev. This is definitely something new to me and worth exploring and investing in.

    Thanks for a great explanation.

  8. Wow! This is amazing and what should be taught in the education system instead of memorization of useless history facts and basic math. The schools, even top universities do not cover this much information for such little cost. I love Tony Robbins and the thought of making money from your own knowledge sounds interesting.It seems like an easy to follow program. You have explained it in easy to understand terms. I also like your writing style. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. The sky is the limit!!

    1. Hi Karli,

      Thanks for your great comments. Yes the Knowledge Business Blueprint is the best course I have ever undertaken and the great thing is I finished it! I never finish courses!! Haha!. Such great value and I have 3 Mastermind/workshops in the wings. Love the process and Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are amazing and offer so much value! I hope you get a chance to buy the course.


  9. This helps a lot. I was looking for a course which helps in both financial and self motivation and here i found it. Investment is always a sensitive issue whether time or money. An expert is always required for guidance.

    1. Thank you for commenting,

      Yes the Knowledge Business Blueprint is the must have course for those who run retreats, workshops, masterminds or groups. I love it and I hope you can make it work for you. Such great content and takes you by the hand setting up your event. Love it!


  10. Hi Kev thank you for a great review of The Knowledge Business Blueprint.

    I am a great fan of Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson and these 2 guys always offer so much value and have a tremendous impact on people. I have heard of Dean Graziosi but not had any dealings with him, yet, however, if he is with Tony and Russell I am sure he too will be offering much value in the way of education and skills.

    I am sure the knowledge and tools within The Knowledge Business Blueprint will be amazing! I am going to check this out.

    It’s about time education had a change!

    1. Hi Moni,

      Thanks for your comments yes the Knowledge Business Blueprint is a great course. I haven’t been involved in one quite like it I must say. The guys really deliver the goods,

      Thanks again,


  11. Happy I found your article. Actually I didn’t know this “school” existed and it is really interesting. Teaching you how to transform your knowledge in money is in fact very cool.

    Definitely this is not the actual school that we have here in society and I think it would not be bad to revolution it. For years, the system has taught us things so that we become all the same… If everyone could share what they know and what they are good at, everyone would be more happy.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Audrey,

      Yes Knowledge Business Blueprint is a different kind of education and will really shake up the industry. It really is the evolution of education,

      Cheers, Kev

  12. Dear Kevin
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows one of the most effective approach to start up your own business and personal development.
    Kind regards,

  13. This Knowledge Business Blueprint sounds good, actually I haven’t heard about this course but your in-depth review really makes me want to give it a try,especially I can learn from Tony Robbin, that’s awesome!

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes the Knowledge Business Blueprint is a whole new ball game in education and the fact you get trained by Tony Robbins is a real bonus! Cheers,


  14. Wow, it does sound very effective in what it delivers, unique and actually effective. I know Tony Robbins is very knowledgeable and motivating. It sounds like it’s a valuable tool in building your own business to higher levels. It definitely sounds like it’s got a fabulous and valuable offer too. Very tempting to look into it further. Thanks for sharing your positive experience of this program. It makes it more viable seeing that you’re having success with it. Well done yourself for finding it so motivating and creative for you. While also showing that it’s real and valuable. Thanks for sharing your experience with it Kevin.

  15. Hey there,

    I am pretty familiar with Tony Robbins and his impact on people.
    I think he presents some truly valuable insights in an unmatched way. He is very charismatic too.
    Now, I don’t know nothing about The Knowledge Business Blueprint but your revie got me hooked.
    I am really looking forward to trying it.
    Excellent presentation!

    1. Hi Asen,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I hope you do take a look at it. It has changed my life. I really know now I can set up workshops and retreats and its all there and very easy to follow. Let me know if you give it a shot. Cheers,


  16. It sounds like a very tempting offer.Especially with Tony Robbins he is very motivational . I would be interested if I had the money,but not at the moment. In saying this is very good information page and certainly tells you the positive points. Great job!

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  18. Hey Kev,

    I’m glad I came across your review today, I’m a bit familar with the Knowledge Blueprint and I wanted to learn more about it at a point but I just didn’t have the time to get around it. I think getting paid to teach others in your expertise is a great route, and one that maybe down later in my future, I could see myself doing. Having the “big 3” come together and make this mega educational course is really awesome…I follow Tony Robins more closely these days than ever before, and I am very familiar with Russell Brunsons work, as I have his program and books. With Deane, I remember seeing him on a late night show talking about Real Estate, and now that he’s more “In the scene” I get to learn more about him. The tools you’d get from joining this program would be nothing short of mind-blowing and life changing. I appreciate that you shared how the knowledge blueprint has affected your life and inspired you to setup a mens health workshop to help with their diets. I could see myself doing this course with one of my earlier business websites within the lower back pain niche. I think it would be awesome to spread the message out and it would impact many lives. Thank you for sharing your review and the course!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your feedback. It is a great course. I am loving it. The Knowledge Business Blueprint will definitely change education for sure! Thanks again, Kev

  19. This is a very good review of Knowledge Business Blueprint. I recently heard of this from my dad and wanted to find out a little more about it. He’s really big into business softwares such as this one, but I wasn’t sure if this would be a good fit for me. Do you recommend this software for beginners as myself looking to learn more about starting a business and building an online business? I love that it seems like a hands on approach and they walk you through it step by step. I think this part is crucial especially for people who aren’t business or computer savvy. Thanks so much for sharing your insight on this program. I will be showing this to my dad and doing a bit more research before joining.

  20. I am a big fan of Tony Robbins, but I really haven`t had the chance of getting any of his course or programs.
    I think this Knowledge Business Blueprint sounds good, with all what`s included in the package, I think you can really create your own workshop.
    I am going to look at this program and see where it goes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Great review of this course. I really appreciate you taking the time to analyze this review with in-depth details of to expect. I actually am not very familiar with Tony Robinson but I believe in following the masters and learning from their experience.

  22. Hi Kevin,
    I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins for a while now, I’m always listening to his positive videos that are on YouTube each morning whilst commuting to work.
    This sounds like the exact thing I need. Learning from such an inspirational person would no doubt prove beneficial. Will have to check it out.

    Also, it’s really good to see that you beat cancer with your diet. Diet plays such an important roll in our health.

    Take care

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thanks heaps for your comments. Yes Tony is amazing and the knowledge business blueprint is an amazing course. I am around halfway through and its changing my life for sure. If you enroll let me know. Love to share our learnings,


  23. Great and very informative review, Tony Robbins is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and I had no idea that he, together with other amazing entrepreneurs as Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunsen have created such an amazing program The Knowledge Business blueprint. Even if the program is a bit pricey, when it comes from such amazing and successful people I’m sure that it worth every single penny. Thank you for writing and sharing this review, I’m very tempted to try this program out.

    1. Hi Marius,

      yes the knowledge business blueprint is amazing. It may seem expensive for some but you will make a small fortune implementing the program correctly. It is changing my life for sure. Thanks and if you do enroll let me know. We can share learnings,


      1. Exactly Kev, people biggest mistake that they want to get everything quickly and for free in this life and that is not how life works. If you want to be successful and learn new skills you have to invest your time effort and money sometimes no matter you are in the college, building a business or just trying to learn new skills. Sure Kev, we definitely can!

        1. Definitely Marius,

          No such thing as get rich quick. The Knowledge Business Blueprint is a system that if you follow it and do the work you will reap the rewards. Look forward to working through it together. have a great day,


  24. Wow……..this blogpost is a real eye-opener, Kev. The numbers in the article are really incredible…wow.

    I am glad I came across your post. I am definitely going to look into this, and….definetly, some friends and work colleagues will hear about this. Sincere thanks for sharing such knowledge. I lot of us will benefit from such an evolution of modern education. Great work!!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Appreciate your enthusiasm mate! Yes please share! People need to read it for sure. Will change many lives and impact the world. The knowledge business blueprint will change the world!


  25. Wow, I never even imagined something like this existed! I am absolutely intrigued at the idea of mastermind groups and workshops.

    I think I am going to have to check this program out. There is a lot of knowledge I would like to give to people and learning how to present it to earn big money and be successful at it is quite exciting!

    Thank you for the excellent read and the wealth of information that you have presented with this well written article!

  26. This is a fantastic review which is very detailed and leaves no stone unturned so thanks for taking the time to explain everything.
    The program sounds really good. It’s definitely something I would consider further down the track, as it’s a bit expensive for me at the moment.
    I will watch the documentary on Netflix to learn more about Tony Robbins and the concept of the business. Thanks for sharing.

  27. First of all congratulations on healing yourself from prostate cancer, that is incredible!

    I must say I love Tony Robins so anything he’s a part of, I can already tell it’s gonna be good. This sounds right up my alley seeing as I am looking into starting my own business.

    And you definitely can’t go wrong with an entire year free! It’s a no-brainer!

    Thanks so much for sharing this post, I can’t wait to go check it out!

    1. Thanks so much Madysen!

      Yes It was a great feeling to heal myself. Appreciate your words. Yes the Knowledge Business Blueprint is a beauty. All you need for workshops, masterminds and retreats. I love it and my life is changing dramatically. Thanks again and if you enroll let me know and we can compare notes!


  28. That does sound like a great course and modern education is dead. Sitting in a classroom, whiteboard and all just doesn’t work.

    As a teacher I know it and see it!. Kids, people of all ages want something more. Research as well as my own experiments in class have proven (to me) that the more interactive and entertaining a lesson is the more knowledge is retained and better the student learns. Video, Slide presentation, games..interactivity bring the classroom alive.

    Education needs a revolution.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thanks for the comments, yes the knowledge business blueprint is all that and more. I love it and its changing education as we know it! If you enroll let me know and we can learn together!


  29. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for… On some level or another we need a new stimulus like this that throws us back to thinking of survival again, without putting ourselves down!

    1. The Knowledge Business Blueprint is amazing Eric, glad you like it and the bonus’s are pretty good too.

      great for masterminds or workshops.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  30. love the site. Great pics. I just watched a program about Tony Robbins for the first time on Netflix. Im amazed by how many programs this guy offers. The way he speaks to people is unlike any therapist Ive ever heard of. I’m in the process of a few self-help development books and am seriously thinking about checking out the Knowledge Business Blueprint. I would say the biggest thing holding me back is cost at this time.

    1. Thanks Mike,

      It really is an amazing program the Knowledge Business Blueprint! For anyone looking at masterminds, retreats or workshops it is such a good deal. Tony is definitely the man for sure. Thanks for calling by. Let me know how you go if you end up purchasing,


  31. Thank you for this great, detailed Knowledge Business Blueprint review. I t sounds like an excellent investment. I have been hearing of the value of Masterminds so much in the last 10 years, it is amazing how much money has been made and is yet to be made. I like the idea of having a well defined plan and then taking Massive action to achieve your goals. This is definitely an Awesome Resource to invest in. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim,

      Yes so much money made and to be made. Love the Knowledge Business Blueprint as it is really changing the face of education and knowledge. Massive action the key for sure


  32. Very informative about this program. It lets you see where they are coming from and the base at which they teach things. I assume if you have had the course that it has worked for you like you say. I know the only way I would want to know more is through some experience such as a trial period. I saw where it mentioned software being free for 12 months, so I guess you get a 1 year free trial ? This is great for anyone that is financially stable and I would recommend this to be read for anyone interested.

    1. I am almost finished the course Justin,

      The Mind Mint software is free for 12 months then a monthly fee. This is until May 13 and the launch ends. After that it will cost $97 a month straight off the bat. The course is yours to keep just the software that will be a subscription eventually. There is a 30 day guarantee on the whole deal so worth having a look and if not for you get a refund. Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it,


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