What is Focused Intention | The Secret to Getting Things Done

What is focused intention? Focused intention really is the secret to getting things done. In an earlier post I wrote about how to stop procrastination. Here is another idea that has had a dramatic effect on getting things done for me.

We all have a project that we really want to finish or even just start. Something in the back of our minds that we know would be a really positive thing to complete and would give us great satisfaction upon that completion.

But something always holds us back. Whether it’s kids, your job, the weather, the Government of the day, your spouse or partner, we all have an excuse for not doing this special project that excites us to think about but doesn’t excite us enough to start.

what is focused intention

The Secret to Getting Things Done

What is focused intention used for? For more than 12 months I had been wanting to write an ebook with really good content to use on my website and in my marketing to get people to join the tribe here at Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. I knew it was something important for my business but I would always keep putting it off for some reason. Other things seemed to take priority. It really annoyed and frustrated me.

One day, when I was trying to think of a challenge I thought to myself – why don’t I challenge myself to write my book in 7 days? I really thought long and hard about the idea. 7 days? Thats not a long time, but its a decent amount of time if I really focused on it. Still its a tough ask. I didn’t need to write a 60,000 page novel, its a content rich ebook. Ok how am I going to do this I thought. I thought to myself ‘what is focused intention? Will it help me?’ Ok. There is only one way – Focused Intention!

What is Focused Intention?

what is focused intentionWhat is focused intention? I knew if I could focus on this one thing for 7 days I could do it. Or at least give it a damn good shot. I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction and I know that to get anything you want you have to start with an intention. My intention here was to write my ebook in 7 days. I wrote that goal down and I plastered it all over my whiteboard in my office. Then I meditated on it and then I set the date I wanted to start and finish. I committed myself to focus on this intention and nothing else as far as my business went for the entire 7 days.

The day I started I was like a man possessed. Ideas to put in the book kept coming to me. Words spewed out on the page without any blockages at all. It was like this was meant to be and it was. I finished writing in 5 days! 5 days not 7!

What I Learned 

When we set an intention, write it down, meditate on it, commit to it and then set a laser beam focus for the time frame, we can do anything! This really works. It is a portal to doing the things you love, doing the things you know you need to do and keep putting off. I have used this technique, idea, plan, call it what you like, on so many things now and my life has changed dramatically. If it works for me it will work for you if you follow the steps.

Your Action Plan

The Secret to getting things done. Now it’s your turn –

  • Decision – decide what it is you want to do.
  • Set the Intention – Write down exactly what it is you want to do. Make it your intention.
  • Meditate on it – If you are not a meditator then pray or do whatever spiritual thing turns you on.
  • Set a start and finish date – make it no longer than 2 weeks. Any longer and your focus can decline. If it is a huge project then do it in 2 week chunks.
  • Get Laser Beam Focused – Clear your calendar of anything that may mess with your focus and focus hard.
  • Start – Just do it!

Let me know how your project goes in the comments below. What is the secret to getting things done for you?

Thanks for reading What is the power of change. Please share this article with friends and family who may need a change in their lives. And please leave a comment below with your thoughts and what it is you want to change.


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  1. You must be reading my mind! Your timing with these topics is spot on. Right when I’m feeling like I am not doing enough to get the new business up and running, you put this one out there. It was just what I needed to read to realize that I’m doing a ton, and each task complete is a step in the right direction. I’m loving the 7 articles in 7 days challenge and focusing on that is a huge leap forward. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Another value rich post, Kevin. I’m guilty of trying to do too many things at once…but I’m becoming better at focused intention. This is important to getting things done and it’s the strategy I use now. I visualize what I want and like you say just start…I say to myself “it’s important I do this task but it’s not the most important thing in the world.” This little mantra keeps me relaxed and give me clarity and peace of mind. The end result: I get things done.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.s You’re doing a great job with the blog post challenge!

    1. Great work Michael, procrastination is what effects so many people. Getting things done is tough these days with all the distractions. Focused intention is a must now. Keep up the great work buddy 🙂

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