When Will You Take Action?

When Will You Take Action?

Everybody knows to get the body you want…to get fit and healthy … you have to exercise and fuel your body with the right food and nutrients, do a bit of fasting and cleansing. We all know that right?

But how many people do it? 

Everybody knows reading books, listening to audiobooks, Youtube videos and applying the knowledge you learn will help you move forward. It will.

But how many people do it? 

Everybody knows if you work hard every day and stick to it long enough, you will have success. We all know this. 

But how many people do it? (When will you take action?)

Everybody knows all the answers and information you want lie in online searches and Youtube videos.

But how many people do it? (When will you take action?)

Everybody knows “what they are supposed to do”. But…

How many people actually end up doing it?

when will you take action
The time for action is now!

How I Take Action

My mantra in 2021 is ‘Be Consistent, Disciplined and Take Massive Action!’ I publish my podcast everyday. I run my business – 100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge – everyday. My current challenge is to do a gym workout, everyday, for 100 days. 

As of this writing I have completed day number 94. Six to go! I love the challenge and the people doing it with me who all take on different challenges (some are writing books, some are meditating, some are learning a language and some learning the guitar!) It is a group full of support and encouragement.

I love it so its easy to be consistent, disciplined and take massive action daily.

What are you doing consistently, with discipline and massive action?

When Will You Take Action?

Imagine yourself deciding today to make the decision to change. To start from this moment to take responsibility, find your purpose in life, and then be consistent and disciplined with massive action every day?

How would your life change? How would your family feel knowing they have someone who is getting out of their comfort zone and making a difference in the world? How would your kids feel?

In the end…

It all comes down to this one question…

When will you get off your arse and do it?

Time for tough love! Start today. Do it NOW!

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when will you take action

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when will you take action


  1. Hi Kevin,

    It’s often seen that people only think about doing something without taking action to achieve their goals. It’s good to know that you plan to work out at gyms for 100 days(6 to go), impressive! People should join your 100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge to follow your tips to achieve something eventually.

    Based on your experiences about doing something in 100 days, what is the most formidable challenge you’ve faced during this time? I will love to know more and learn how you conquer it. 🙂

    By the way, I love your podcast too. Cheers,

  2. Hi Kevin,
    A great article! Yes, we all know what to do to move ahead, develop a healthy body, grow our business, but oftentimes we “stall” on getting it done. It boils down to your mantra of “Be Consistent, Disciplined and Take Massive Action!’ I love it! There are no two ways about it.

    Two areas of my life I need to apply this mantra are in regular exercise in our home gym and my daily study of the bible. I’m taking action and starting this 100 – day challenge TOMORROW. I’ve got these goals taped to the wall above my computer. Thanks for the push!

    1. Thank you Ceci!

      Love your challenges! Great work you are all ready to go. Well done. Love that you have them taped above your computer. Keep checking back and let me know how you are going.


  3. Hi Kevin,

    I love this article and I am so pleased I came across it. I love your mantra and my mantra is “Learn to lead, grow and increase your influence”. For us to fulfil my mantra, we need to take action. So I share a very similar message that when we learn something new, we must take action on what we learn. We must also take action on sharing what we learn too.

    When we share what we learn with others, we are strengthening our relationships and building trust. When we have trust we can lead and increase our influence.

    But, we cannot do any of this unless we TAKE ACTION.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work by taking action.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks so much. Yes action is paramount in any endeavour. We can have all the good intentions we like but until we make that decision to act, nothing happens. Love your mantra too my friend. Cheers,


  4. This was a great push! I already decided that I was going exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday, for the month of February (shortest month of the year of course) I once read that basically, if you can do something for 21 consecutive days, it should become an easy habit to continue. So, I am at 9 days, the first 7 were tough, but it’s becoming easier! I want to apply this push to my online business and make sure I do something everyday towards it’s growth! I will get off my arse! Thanks!

  5. Love the mantra. It’s something that I think should be ingrained into everybody’s minds every single day.

    We would have fewer excuses, and more results, and more positive people.

    I took it upon myself to spend at least 15-20minutes every single day doing a meditation. I lost my brother in Jan.

    And prior to that my focus was on my online business, and other stuff. My wife kept on telling me, ‘when am I going to put myself first.’ you know…in other words put the brakes on life and take time out.

    When my brother left this planet, my world got shaken up and I had to do a priority re-shuffle.

    I come first, and that’s when I said that meditation needs to and will be done everyday.

    Thanks for letting me share.

    Keep up the motivational post.

    1. Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks man. So sorry to hear about your brother. That is damn tough. When I lost my daughter it was such a shock and it took me many years to accept it. Meditation is what helped me.
      Thanks for sharing brother and sending much love,


  6. Hi Kevin
    As you so rightly say, most of us can think of times in our lives when we have managed to do the right thing in one area or another. for a few years I managed to fast one day a week every week. It really did wonders for my health. I started out doing Sundays as my Sundays could be as sedentary as I chose so this seemed like the path of lowest resistance. Then I got bold and shifted to a Monday when I would be at work. I managed to make the work for some time. Then something came along and the whole system was knocked out of kilter. I have always had an ambitious reading to-do list, but right now I am spending so much time writing that I have to focus my reading on the subjects related to my writing. So I have less time for Dickens, which I miss.
    I also managed to do daily workouts in a small gym I had set up in the basement. Until I injured my foot and a short time after that needed knee surgery.
    See – I have no difficulty coming up with reasonable excuses!
    Thinking on this general topic, it comes down to priorities. If everything is a priority then nothing is. We just end up frustrating ourselves and beating ourselves up.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I will keep going
    Best regards

    1. haha yes Andy we all have excuses!
      Well done on the fasting! I am actually do intermittent fasting at the moment. 5 days so far doing 22-2 so I just have a 2 hour block a day where I eat. I am really enjoying that. For 3 days I struggled but now I don’t get hungry till 5. Will have dinner then. Sleeping better too!
      Yes priorities. keep putting yourself out there,


  7. Very inspiring article.
    You said it right to the point and are clear about what we need to do.
    Just get started.
    So simple, yet so many of us just can’t do it.
    We must ask ourselves why? What is holding us back?
    Do you think addressing what is holding us back important before we can effectively move forward?

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thanks for that. For most people what is holding them back is excuses! They know they need to get the things done but when it comes time they find something else to do. I don’t really think kits fear for most. I think something like my 100 day challenge would really push people. Once you actually start something you tend to keep going. Make a decision and follow thru. No more excuses.


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